Home Improvement: 5 DIY Projects for Your Home

Find out the best projects to do yourself based on how much money you can save and what kind of return you could get. Plus, get tips for doing them right.

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Looking to make updates to your home? You’d be wise to think about tackling some home improvement projects on your own. Not only can you save money, you can get a great return on your investment. Find out the best projects to do yourself based on how much money you can save and what kind of return you could get. Plus, get tips for doing them right. Here are 5 easy DIY ideas for home improvements:

    New steel front door

1. New Steel Front Door

A new steel front door not only enhances your curb appeal greatly, it provides the best return on investment if you install it yourself. If you can get another person to help, you can complete it in about 6-8 hours. First, get to know your door parts: jambs, threshold, stops, casing (trim). With a pre-hung door, you’ll need to remove all the old parts. Often you can preserve the casing, which will save you even more.

Steel door cost table


New garage door

2. New Garage Door

Don’t stop with your front door. How about a new garage door for some added appeal? A steel garage door comes in four parts, which can be unwieldy, so you’ll want an extra pair of hands. With help, you can get it done in a day. You’ll save even more if you keep the same motorized opener.

New garage door 


New wood flooring

3. New Wood Flooring

Installing new wood flooring can be a lot of work, but the return on investment is definitely worth it. There are books and tutorials online you can follow to learn the techniques. Or, look for a class at your local hardware store. It shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of it, and you’ll love the results. 

 wood flooring cost


New insulation

4. Insulation Upgrade

This is one home improvement project with results you can’t see, but you’ll enjoy the added comfort and savings on your energy bill. In fact, upgrading the insulation in your attic can save you up to 50% percent per year in energy costs. It doesn’t require much skill either, although it is messy and you’ll want to make sure you’re fully protected when working with the insulation. 

 Insulation costs

 New vinyl windows

5. New Vinyl Windows

Replacing four or more windows, and any on a second floor, is better left to the professionals. But if you have a few first-floor windows that need replaced, it’s a good job diy project for home improvement. The most important step is measuring the opening correctly and getting the right window. One window could take you about three to four hours, and you’ll get faster as you go. 

Vinyl windows cost

Everyone loves home improvements. If you can save money by doing projects yourself, that’s even better. You can also protect your budget from unexpected repairs to covered home systems and appliances with an American Home Shield® Home Warranty



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