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How to Clean Oven Racks

Removing grime and grease from oven racks can be done. Follow these tips on how to clean oven racks in the bath tub and how to make your own cleaning solution.

how to clean oven racks

When food spills, leaks, pops, or bubbles out into the oven, your oven racks can become an encrusted mess that even the self-cleaning cycle can’t completely fix.  If your oven racks are layered with grime and grease, it’s time to give them some special attention.  You can always try a commercial cleaner, but if you’d prefer to avoid the chemicals found in oven sprays, here are some alternative ways to clean your oven racks.

What is the Best Way to Clean Oven Racks?

Merry Maids Method

  • The professionals at Merry Maids recommend this tip using a large, plastic kitchen trash bag and a spray degreaser to clean oven racks. You can also use ammonia before sealing the racks inside the trash bag.

Check Out This Easy Oven Cleaning Video from Merry Maids!

Soaking Method

  • Maybe your oven racks need a bath.  That’s right – you can actually use your bathtub to help with this kitchen chore.  Just place the dirty oven racks in the bathtub, then use dishwasher detergent (powdered or liquid) and hot water. Let the racks soak for several hours or overnight. Be sure to put towels or an old shower curtain liner in the bathtub first to prevent the racks from scratching the tub’s surface.You can also use oven cleaning solution ammonia and warm water in the bathtub instead of dishwasher detergent.

How to Clean Oven Racks Naturally

  • For a natural cleaning solution, sprinkle household baking soda on the oven racks followed by vinegar. When the solution stops foaming, cover the racks in hot water and let them sit overnight. You also can do this method in the bathtub.  Use salt and a brush to remove any stubborn stains.
  • Another natural method to try is a simple paste of three parts baking soda to one part warm water.  Apply the paste with a paintbrush or pastry brush, and let the mixture sit on the racks to work.  Remove with a sponge and warm water, or use a plastic spatula or scraper if the paste has dried.
  • If water and baking soda aren’t enough to clean your grimy oven racks, try mixing some concentrated dish soap along with a half-cup of kosher salt into the baking soda paste.  Spread this mixture on the racks, and let them sit overnight.  The next day, rinse with warm water and use a little distilled vinegar if there’s any residue to remove.

What if You Can't Clean Your Oven Racks Properly?

If your oven racks simply won’t come clean, or if they have become warped or damaged, consider replacing them.  Contact your oven manufacturer to find out if replacement racks are available for your particular model.  With an American Home Shield Home Warranty Plan that includes appliances, oven components may be covered.

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