Why Indoor Trees are a Trend and How to Incorporate Them in Your Home

Brown couch with indoor tree

Indoor trees are shaking their leaves and making their silent presence known. You can spot towering vegetation everywhere, from hotel lobbies to home decor magazines. If you are ready to graduate from house plants to indoor trees, you have come to the right place. We’ll tell you more about this exciting new trend in interior decor and show you how to create a lush jungle in your own home.

Indoor trees trend booming in 2022

Houseplants are nothing new, but the Covid years have seen a hike in the numbers of Americans proudly declaring themselves plant parents. Well over half of US households have at least one indoor plant, and millennials are leading the charge being behind one-third of house plants sales.

With so many of us regularly taking care of leafy lovelies and indoor trees trending on social media, it’s easy to see how the jump from humble house plants to potted trees has happened in our homes.

indoor large tree

While we can’t all have the imposing two-story high indoor tree of this architecturally-designed home, welcoming a smaller indoor decor tree to our interiors is a stylish way to let nature in and one that is rich in benefits.

3 health advantages of indoor trees

Sure, fiddle-leaf fig trees look stunning in the living room and provide a fashion-forward atmosphere in your home, but that’s not all they do. Potted indoor trees are not just for looks — they are the real deal. In fact, they boast a host of health benefits that have been the subject of many studies. Here are the three main ones: 

1. Free air purification

The ground-breaking NASA study on the abilities of indoor plants to purify indoor air has been the basis for other research indicating that some houseplants might play a positive role in reducing pollutants. While their part might be smaller than previously thought, other research shows that they can positively influence the bacterial presence in our homes as well.

green foliage in home

2. A green therapy session

Leafy housemates may also help in lowering stress levels and reducing anxiety. We have all experienced firsthand the rejuvenating and settling power that being in nature has on us, so why not recreate that calming influence indoors with a potted tree?

P.S. We have been told that plants are excellent listeners! They never interrupt, and they will never judge you. Talking to your greenery can even make it healthier.

3. Motivational boost

You don’t have to get a large indoor tree to experience the benefit that greenery may have on your productivity and attention levels. A reasonably-sized indoor tree with lush foliage to gaze at will do the trick — a few minutes of contemplating nature can fuel your energy tank and help you power through your daily tasks.

woman watering home plants

How to choose the right indoor tree

Ready to embrace the indoor trees trend? Let’s talk about how to keep your new leafy lovelies alive and thriving.

Consider where your potted tree will live

When choosing which indoor tree to buy, don’t let its beauty sway you. A money tree might look amazing, but if you need a plant for a dark corner that never gets direct sunlight, she is not the way to go! Consider where your green baby will live — a sunny and dry corner, a humid and shaded bathroom, a draughty entryway — and choose the indoor tree accordingly.

How green is your thumb? 

On the same note, be realistic with your abilities. If you have a plant-murder rap sheet a mile long, an independent and forgiving plant like a yucca might work better for you than a needy triangle ficus tree, even though they are all the rage.

How to style indoor trees in your home

Indoor trees are a great way to make a big statement without spending a fortune or being high maintenance. Have some fun with your new plants, and use this handy list to navigate the fraught waters of DIY home decor with potted trees.

Seek visual harmony

living room with indoor tree

Does the room you want to place the indoor tree in have a neutral color palette and a minimal layout? An indoor olive tree in a cream ceramic planter seamlessly complements pastel tones and highlights the warmth of the decor. To avoid changing the room's atmosphere, choose hues that blend with the existing elements and avoid colored leaves or citrus trees.

From roots to roofs

stairway decor with large tree

Make a ceiling-high statement no matter the size of your space. Whether your ceilings are three meters high or your room is in the attic, you can exploit the length of an indoor decor tree to fill the empty space. Most of our furniture sits low on the ground and adding a potted tree to your decor is an effortless way to create a strong skyward line that draws the eye up.

Make it pop

small plant on home table

Indoor trees are excellent for more austere settings or impersonal spaces, like studies and entryways, that can be invigorated by the energy of natural life. You can easily inject color and shape with sculptural indoor trees, geometric pots, and bright fruit trees. A faster and easier solution than completely redecorating.

Green up your bathroom 

home decor with different plants

The beauty of indoor trees is that they can brighten any room, nook, or cranny of your home. If you have enough space, add them to your bathroom and relax in the tub while enjoying the refreshing and calming mindset only greenery can infuse.

Don’t stop at one 


A single large indoor tree can be the focal point of the room, but you can also explore placing a few potted trees of different heights and shapes near each other for a harmonious arrangement and a refreshing interior design solution. Whether to create a reading nook, to fill an empty corner, or act as green columns on the side of a door, a couple of indoor trees are always useful.

Seek maximum relaxation 

indoor tree in bedroom

With all the known health benefits, it’s easy to see the advantages of adding a potted tree (or two) to the bedroom. The eye-catching greenery is a lovely vision first thing in the morning and a calming presence at nighttime.

Place them high

plants hanging in wall

Yes, it’s true, we are talking about indoor trees. But a fully grown potted tree can be pricey, so chances are you are starting out with a younger specimen. If that’s the case, consider elevating them off the floor to create a more noticeable visual display. Place them on a stand, a side table, or even a shelf, and enjoy the bright green leaves or sculpted branches silhouetted against your blank walls. 

Let the sunshine in 

living room with different plants

Don't get so carried away with how to decorate your space that you forget your tree’s needs. Bright sunlight is a must for fiddle-lead figs, palm trees, and olive trees, while other species, such as rubber trees, umbrella trees, and dragon trees, prefer indirect sunlight.

Make it useful

bookshelf with small lemon plant

If you are already a proud plant parent, you know that taking care of a leafy baby can be a delicate affair. Since you will spend time watering, pruning, fertilizing, and lovingly gazing at your beloved indoor plants, you might as well get more in return. An indoor lemon tree, orange tree, or other citrus trees, has the added benefit of producing fragrant, colorful, and delicious fruits for you to enjoy.

Welcome to plant parenthood

You are almost ready to head to your nearest garden center or nursery to find your new plant baby! Just as you would for any real baby, though, don’t forget to get organized for when your leafy offspring comes home. From making sure your plumbing is in tip-top shape to buying all the necessary products and preparing the space for your new potted tree, take some time to prepare for the new arrival. With everything in order, all that is left to do is to shop for a great indoor tree. We wish you all the best in your plant parenthood journey.

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