Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades In Time For The Holidays

Are you ready to welcome guests into your home for another fun-filled holiday season? If it’s your turn to host this year’s holiday festivities, a kitchen upgrade may be in order.  

Modern kitchen upgrades

You don’t have to be a celebrity with celebrity money to get the kitchen of your dreams. There are things big and small you can do to transform your kitchen, no matter your budget. And when you’re done, you can wow your family with new twists on traditional holiday recipes made in your beautifully upgraded kitchen.

1. Get a handle on kitchen hardware

Upgrading your kitchen can be as simple as replacing the hardware on kitchen cabinets. Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls are easy to remove and replace, not to mention budget-friendly. Sleek metals and lines are just the touch to add the right polish for a modernized kitchen.

And this pull-apart eggnog bread from Lauren’s Latest will make a great start to your modern holiday cooking festivities.

2. Light up your kitchen

Updating your kitchen lighting, such as changing the lighting fixtures in your kitchen, can transform the ambiance of the entire room. Pendant light fixtures and under-cabinet lighting brightens the kitchen, while making it look more open and spacious.

Meanwhile, Rachel Ray’s Everything Bagel and Bacon Stuffing is sure to fire up your family at your next holiday meal.

3. Updated kitchen shelves (and counters) for your kitchen elves

If you’ve got a great collection of dishware, remove cabinet doors for that clean open shelving look. Or rip them out completely and hang your own shelving. But if you’d rather keep dishes and glasses behind closed doors, painting your cabinets is another way to modernize your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Freshen up your countertops by replacing them with trendy materials, like concrete or brushed metal. If you prefer the look of granite or marble, but don’t have the budget, you can always paint your existing laminate countertops to look like natural stone or buy a countertop redo kit at your local hardware store.

Let your guests eat cake — and pie! Hit the spot with Nanny’s Rosh Hashanah Apple Cake from Saveur.

4. Kitchen appliances happily humming along

Upgrading your appliances is a surefire way to modernize your kitchen. While you could buy all new appliances, if you don’t need to, even doing it frugally is a waste of money. A cosmetic change is all you need to update the look of your kitchen appliances. Cover a bland beige fridge with chalkboard paint, or use some liquid stainless steel and get what looks like a whole new set of appliances.

Once the holidays are winding down, send your loved ones back home with these warm Chocolate Snickerdoodle Drops from Better Homes and Gardens.

Choose one, choose them all, or mix and match any of the above ideas to update your kitchen just in time for the holidays.

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