10 Fabulous Kitchens

Go big or go home. If you have the space, nothing says culinary luxury like a huge kitchen. Check out these show-stopping celebrity kitchen wonders and get ideas on how to take yours to the next level. 

Ferris Buehler’s Big Kitchen Island

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s Greenwich Village investment home recently sold for the bargain basement sum of $19.95 million. We have to believe it was, in no small part, because of this amazing kitchen island. Modern, sleek and airy defines everything from the two-toned countertop to minimalist sink fixtures.

A Kitchen Fit For a Chef 

The Barefoot Contessa, Ina Garten, knows a thing or two about kitchens – after all, she made her name in one. This one boasts a huge island with plenty of counter space and airy cabinets to show off the impressive collection of dishes. Let's not forget to mention the unique accent of table lamps instead of overhead lighting, making this design stand apart from the rest.

The Outdoor Experience 

When the kitchen is your social space, why not put it in the place everyone wants it to be? That’s what Jose Garces did with this jaw-dropping outdoor kitchen. Although it's located outside, it still has all of the appliances that you'd expect to see in a normal kitchen. It even has herb boxes within easy reach. To top it all off, it features a canning station that will get your garden fresh veggies ready for winter.

The Bachelor Pad Kitchen

Jake Gyllenhaal’s kitchen has everything a guy could want. In this case that’s plenty of style in a fairly simple setup with subway tile backsplashes, grey cabinets and minimalist appliances.

Do the Funky Kitchen

Girls star Zosia Mamet’s kitchen takes a turn towards eclectic to make the most of her brownstone's space. With a makeshift island, some fun rugs and a nice print on the wall, an otherwise old fashioned kitchen is now Brooklyn funky.

Mission Style Kitchen

Annie Potts mission? A great, southwest-inspired kitchen. With turquoise blue tile and exposed wooden beams, her kitchen has a modern take on the mission style heritage of her Southern California home.

McDreamy’s Modern Kitchen

Concrete floors and plywood cabinetry make this kitchen a modern style standout. Just add in bright orange chairs and tear drop light fixtures and you’ve got a gallery worthy space for eating.

Kitchen Worthy of a Queen

The queen of domesticity – you guessed it, Martha Stewart, kept this kitchen largely intact when she bought it from the Ford family. She kept nearly all of the family's original items, from the silver, china, and linens to the vintage refrigerators. 

The Kitchen of an American Icon

If Julia Child’s passion for cooking wasn’t clear, this kitchen laid it bare. With pots, pans and utensils decking out every wall,this kitchen is the chef’s version of the mechanic’s garage. It may not be fancy, but one look at it and every dinner guest knows that anything is possible.

Designed to Impress

The kitchen of this Hollywood power couple is impressive to say the least.  The statement starts with retro black and white tile floors. There’s also a breakfast nook, opaque glass cabinets and globe lighting for the island. It all amounts to an impressive take on the traditional kitchen.

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