Home Appliances Warranty Coverage

Your appliances are vital components of your home. They simplify your life by making cooking, cleaning, and even laundry easier. Unfortunately, typical wear and tear from everyday use, along with age, can result in appliances that break down. Malfunctions are simply part of owning appliances, which means repair or replacement is inevitable. American Home Shield® offers home warranty plans that make these inevitable breakdowns less stressful.

AHS's home warranties with coverage for appliances protect the components and parts of many home appliances. When a covered appliance malfunctions, you can trust AHS to connect you to a qualified, professional service contractor, who will diagnose your malfunction and recommend repair or replacement. You'll enjoy a thorough repair process on your covered appliances, and chances are you will enjoy some financial relief from the expenses associated with a repair or replacement of your appliance. Your AHS Home Warranty provides for repair or replacement of your covered appliances with a maximum allowance of $3,000 per appliance per contract term. Additional charges may apply depending on the necessary repair or replacement.

A home warranty provides an additional layer of protection for your appliances, offering coverage that a standard homeowners' insurance policy would not offer. Don't let an appliance malfunction cause you stress. Minimize the hassle of your repair and manage the expenses with an AHS home warranty plan with Appliance coverage.

Enjoy coverage of the following appliances:

Freestanding Ice Makers

Free standing ice makers are another convenient addition to your kitchen, picking up where your freezer ice maker leaves off. If you have a free standing ice maker in your home, its parts and components will be backed by your AHS Home Warranty. Learn more about:

Freestanding Ice Makers Home Warranty Coverage


If your dishwasher is or not running properly or perhaps not at all, your AHS® Appliance Home Warranty Plan has you covered. Learn more about:

Dishwashers Home Warranty Coverage

Clothes Washers

A malfunctioning washing machine will leave you with a pile of dirty clothes and a trip to the laundromat on the schedule. When you experience a covered problem with your washing machine, AHS will connect you with a qualified, professional service contractor who will repair or replace your failing washing machine. Learn more about:

Clothes Washers Home Warranty Coverage

Trash Compactors

What if your trash compactor stops working? Save yourself the hassle of finding a qualified, professional service contractor by calling AHS to take care of it. Learn more about:

Trash Compactors Home Warranty Coverage

Built-in Food Centers

A built-in food centers is another convenient appliance in the kitchen, which means an irksome malfunction can be a hassle. Most components and parts, exclusive of accessories, are covered by the expansive AHS Home Warranty. Learn more about:

Built-in Food Centers Home Warranty Coverage


Dinnertime becomes much more difficult when your oven malfunctions. If your unit won't heat, for example, an AHS Home Warranty will help get your oven repaired or replaced per the warranty terms. Learn more about:

Ranges/Ovens/Cooktops Home Warranty Coverage


Your refrigerator is used almost every day. With that kind of regular use, normal wear and tear is inevitable. When your refrigerator stops functioning properly, your AHS home warranty will cover the repair of your malfunctioning refrigerator per the warranty terms. Learn more about:

Refrigerators Home Warranty Coverage

Built-in Microwave Ovens

Built-in microwaves are a modern-day convenience that you probably use quite often. However, this appliance has a life of about 8 or 9 years, and during that time, you might experience more than one malfunction. AHS Home Warranty offers a layer of protection when these malfunctions occur. Learn more about:

Built-in Microwave Ovens Home Warranty Coverage

Garage Door Openers

A broken garage door opener makes it difficult to access your garage -- and perhaps your vehicle. An AHS Home Warranty covers most components and parts, excluding the doors and door track assemblies, of your garage door opener system. Learn more about:

Garage Door Openers Home Warranty Coverage

Clothes Dryers

A malfunction with your clothes dryer can result in loads of laundry that continue to pile up. The AHS Home Warranty includes most parts and components of your clothes dryer. Learn more about:

Clothes Dryers Home Warranty Coverage
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