High-Tech Kitchen Appliances to Make Your Life Easier

Efficient appliances can definitely make your life easier, especially in the kitchen. Take a peek at some of the newest innovations to help make your time in the kitchen count.
High-Tech Stove with Smart Buttons

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The 2015 Consumer Electronics Show boasted a wealth of smart home appliance ideas from both startups and huge, well-known brands. While some of these technological concepts are still a few years away from hitting the market, there are already some high-tech kitchen appliances available to consumers.

Here are just a few of the innovative concepts for ovens, ranges and other kitchen appliances that will make your kitchen feel like a kitchen of the future:

Wi-Fi connectivity. Many new high-tech appliances now come with remote application abilities, so you can control their function from your phone with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. That means you can pre-heat the oven even while you’re making a grocery run. Multi-taskers rejoice!

Barcode scanners. Unsure of how long to defrost those chicken breasts? Or maybe you’re the person who never fails to burn the microwave popcorn. No problem—there are microwaves on the market today that can actually scan food barcodes to recognize the kind of food you’re cooking and set itself accordingly.

Trivection ovens. Traditional convection ovens not fast enough for you? Consider GE's trivection oven technology, which combines thermal, convection and microwave heating methods to cook your meal in a snap—perfect for families on the go.

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Sauce Pans on Prototype of Tablet-Style CooktopWhirlpool's Interactive Cooktop via Mashable.com

Tablet-style cooktops. Though it’s still just a concept, Whirlpool’s recently unveiled Interactive Cooktop is just too cool not to mention here. The mock-up resembles a giant touch-sensitive tablet that looks like something out of a sci-fi movie—when you’re ready to cook, just set your pot down on the smooth digital surface, draw a circle around it with your finger and choose a temperature and cook time. Users can also receive notifications about texts and phone calls, pull up recipes on the internet and even check what ingredients are in your fridge. We can't wait until this becomes a reality.

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