Smart Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Fight the rising cost of staying cool with these handy tips for keeping your air conditioning running efficiently this summer.


Basic tips to keep your air conditioner running right.
Keep your air conditioner running at top efficiency and help avoid the need for air conditioning service that requires R22 refrigerant.

Tip 1: Check your system in advance.
About a month before the weather heats up, turn on your air conditioning and let it run for 30 minutes to see if it is working properly.

Tip 2: Keep the area around your unit clean.
Sweep away any dirt, leaves or debris that may have accumulated around your air conditioning unit. Also, trim back any plants or shrubs to allow proper air flow.

Tip 3: Check for bent condenser fins.
If any of the fins on your unit’s condenser are bent, you can straighten them out using a tool called a fin comb, available at major hardware stores. Be sure to turn off the power to the unit before inspecting or straightening the condenser fins.

Refrigerant phase out.
The Environmental Protection Agency has required manufacturers to completely phase out the production of R22 by 2020. As a result, supplies have become more limited, and the price has risen from less than $10 per pound in 2010 to over $50 per pound, and more in some cases, today.

Even simple air conditioning repairs may cost significantly more as a result. Technicians commonly add 1-2 pounds of refrigerant on a routine service call. A more complicated repair or replacement can require up to 10 pounds. As you can see, the cost can add up quickly.

How American Home Shield is addressing the issue.
In order to accommodate customers’ coverage needs while keeping our plans affordable, American Home Shield has included a $10 per pound limit on refrigerant on all new or recently renewed contracts. If a homeowner requires a refrigerant recharge, AHS will cover the first $10 for each pound of refrigerant, and the homeowner will be responsible for the remainder.

As always, you can count on professional care from our contractors if your air conditioner needs service. They’ll diagnose your problem, determine what’s needed to restore your unit to working order, and advise you of any non-covered charges for which you may be responsible.

Our goal is to provide reliable, trusted service while helping shield our customers from high repair costs. If you have any questions regarding the refrigerant phase out and its impact on our policies, visit

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