Here’s to National Home Warranty Day!

Today's a day we can truly celebrate. See why you should also join in on the celebration.

national home warranty day

February 10th is National Home Warranty Day and we at American Home Shield® are excited to share this with you! This is a day to celebrate what a home warranty can do, will do, and has done to protect your home from the unexpected. Below are just a few, of the many reasons, why we believe home warranties are awesome (in our most humble opinion) and should be celebrated.

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1. Home Warranties and Homeowners Insurance Are Not the Same

Homeowners insurance covers things that MIGHT HAPPEN like damage due to theft, fire, tornadoes, or other catastrophic situations. But home warranties cover things that often DO HAPPEN to homeowners. These service contracts provide for repair or replacement of appliances and system components that malfunction or fail due to normal wear and tear. Want to find out more about these differences?

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2. Coverage for Just About Anyone

You want to select the best plan for you and your family. Some plans allow you to pay less for the annual plan by selecting slightly higher fees for service calls, while others allow you to customize your plan by choosing which items are covered and which aren’t. American Home Shield® home warranties are one-year service contracts that cover repair and replacements for most major home system components and appliances. You no longer have to worry about unexpected costly repairs. If you want to learn more about home warranty basics and coverages, check out this article: Home Warranty Basics and What It Covers.

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3. Benefits, Benefits, Benefits

Who doesn’t love perks? With an American Home Shield® Home Warranty, you’ll get plenty of them such as budget protection, appliance discounts, and even referral benefits.

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