Selling a House with a Pool How to Make a Splash in the Market

Trying to sell a home with a pool? That's a breeze if you have the right marketing tools and research. Splash into this article and follow these tips to close the deal.

A swimming pool can be a great selling point for a home, but there are things you need to know to best market this feature to homebuyers. If you know who to target and what people want, you can help lead the right homebuyers to water.

Who's Buying

Homebuyers often have strong personal opinions about pools. So it’s important to understand the type of buyers who would be interested in a pool. Take a look:

• High-end buyers are more likely to want a pool than starter or mid-range buyers.

• Middle-aged buyers with teenage kids often find a pool an attractive feature.

• Health enthusiasts may welcome the idea of a pool for convenient daily exercise.

Keep in mind, some homebuyers may be overwhelmed by the time and money needed to maintain a pool and prefer a home that doesn’t have one.

Where They're Buying

Whether a pool is appealing to homebuyers largely depends on location. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the three most popular states for pool homes are California, Arizona and Florida. The National Association of Realtors says that on average an in-ground pool adds about 7.7% to the home's market value. However, in colder climates a pool may add less value or none at all.

What Else

Aside from the target homebuyer and location, below are additional factors to consider when selling a home with a pool:

• Condition — For a pool to be an asset in the sale of a home, it needs to be well maintained and in excellent condition. The water should be clear with the proper chemical levels, circulation and filtration.

• Age — How old is the pool and does it look outdated? If so, it can make the home appear dated, too. Also, if the pool is older, it may need a new motorized pump, water filter, or other components.

• Safety — Whether a pool follows common safety guidelines is usually a big concern for homebuyers. It should be completely surrounded with a 4-foot or taller safety fence and use a self-closing, self-latching gate. Pool and gate alarms that go off if anyone enters the pool are nice features to have as well.

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• Type of pool — Gunite and fiberglass pools are durable and low maintenance. Concrete pools are often more unique because of the flexibility with design features. Vinyl pools are popular in areas where temperatures dip below freezing and pools are drained in the winter. Above-ground pools are portable and can have a deck added for less cost than an in-ground pool.

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• Landscaping — A pool with attractive surrounding landscaping is more likely to help sell a home than one with poorly maintained land around it.

How to Sell It

Sometimes you need to be practical; sometimes you need to get creative. Here are some tips to help you sell a home with a pool:

• Fix it up — Have the pool inspected and make sure the seller takes care of any needed maintenance before the house is listed.

• Stage it — Fix up the surrounding landscaping and give the entire space a thorough scrub-down tucking away all the pool clutter before taking pictures.

• Sell the pool lifestyle — Rather than say “large pool” in your advertising, say things like, “your own tropical oasis” or “avoid long drives to the lake or beach.” Focus on the experience rather than the pool itself.

• Help protect it — Many homebuyers are concerned with the high cost of repairs for a pool. You can help alleviate those worries by including an American Home Shield® Home Warranty with added pool/spa coverage as part of the sale. It covers above ground components and components of shared heating, pumping and filtration system so the new homeowner can feel protected.

Ultimately, it's all about how a homebuyer views the pool in a home you’re selling. If you can attract the right buyers in the right location, make sure the pool is properly maintained and market it appropriately, selling a home with a pool is a breeze.


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