May is National Moving Month

Business getting busier? You may have seen an uptick in listings, and sales, as May is National Moving Month, beginning the busiest season of the year for relocations.
Family Moving Boxes into New Home


As a realtor, you have the opportunity to be your clients’ best resource when it comes to everything they could need for their move.Here are 3 resources your clients may depend on you for:

1. Movers
Once the papers are signed, and the deal is done, the next most stressful part of moving is the actual move. Knowing what moving company to trust with all of your belongings is invaluable. If you have relationships with a few reliable moving companies, you can pass this along to your clients and take that stress off their plate so they can focus on everything else that comes with a move. Repeat referrals will strengthen your relationship with movers, while your clients will be grateful for your knowledge of a reliable company.

2. Storage
Often times when your clients are moving, they aren’t going to move everything they have in their current house into their new house. Everything from clothes, to furniture, to appliances can be stored, but they’ll want to be sure it’s the correct facility. An indoor, climate-controlled storage unit will work best to ensure that whatever is put in storage will be in the same condition it was when it’s time to take it out. If you’ve done the research and can suggest a few facilities, your clients can take if from there, instead of starting their research from scratch.

3. Cleaners
Your clients may need both the home they are moving out of, and the home they are moving into, professionally cleaned. Letting strangers into their home can be nerve-wracking, so if you’ve already vetted a few professional cleaning services, you can help take this worry off your clients’ mind. In addition to a trustworthy service, you’ll want to know that they do good work and are worthy of your recommendation.

Having these three resources in your back pocket can enhance and strengthen your relationship with your clients, as well as built your professional relationships with others in the industry. There’s no better time to start cultivating these relationships than National Moving Month!

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