10 Tips to Prepare for the Spring Real Estate Season

Spring is right around the corner and with it comes the most hurried time of year for home buying. Follow these tips to set yourself up for success during the hustle-and-bustle of the spring real estate season.


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Know The Local Market

Get a jump on the action by getting up to speed on the homes that are currently available for sale and those you know will be going on the market. Contact your leads and send them something personal in order to open up a line of contact. Doing so now will help grow your business prospects once spring fever hits.

Spring Clean Your Client List

Not every client you have is going to be a winner. Don't be afraid to move on from the ones who are taking up too much of your time and prohibiting you from gaining better prospects.

Host A Homebuyer Seminar

Pick a weeknight or weekend where you might have some spare time and host a homebuyer education seminar. Advertise your event and create a list of topics to cover (such as credit scoring dos and don'ts, what to expect during the loan process and loan programs). Find useful information you can share at your seminar at WelcomeHomeResource.com. Not only will this event increase your credibility, it will also grow your leads database and improve your chances of getting more business.

Advertise—In The Right Places

Zillow, Trulia and realtor.com are overloaded with agents, making it difficult to stand out from the pack. Pick unique places to advertise, like Facebook and Instagram, to attract quality leads. And don't forget to collect information on the backend with a solid landing page.

Prepare Your Buyers To Buy

As you know, great homes go FAST. Connect your buyers with lenders for pre-approval, help them get their documents ready and make sure their checkbook is handy for that earnest money before looking at houses. This will help lock things up as quickly as possible for when they find "the one" and are ready to make an offer.

Offer Staging Tips for Hard-to-Sell Homes

Not every house is going to move fast, some will need a little love to attract the right buyer. Send out a newsletter, email or talk to your sellers in person to help them stage their home properly inside and out. You can find customizable, complimentary newsletters on OnMark Pro.

Take Advantage of the Weather

Throwing an open house or showing off a home? Throw back the curtains, open the windows and doors and let the air flow in while people walk around. Sunshine and fresh air can lift spirits and show off the best side of many houses. Be sure to ask your AHS Account Executive for your free open house toolkit. You can also access customizable open house tools with OnMark Pro and get tips advice and checklists at OpenHouseResource.com.

Analyze Yourself

Spring is a time for renewal, so take this opportunity to really hone in on what makes you great at selling a home. Now is the time to get rid of bad habits and focus on your positive energy. The happier and more efficient you are, the more likely it is that you'll sell a home.

Stay Up-To-Date On Market Values And Trends

Staying on top of your game is crucial to retaining clients, making the sale and getting good recommendations. Know what parts of town sell fast and which ones don't. Are townhomes the latest rage or are newly built single-family houses booming in your territory? The more you know the more informed your clients can be.

Act Now, Benefit Later

The most important tip of all is to start prepping for spring TODAY. The sooner you start, the faster you'll be ahead of the pack. Be proactive, follow these tips and get ready to sell some homes. Good luck!

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