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What Are the Best Small Kitchen Appliances for Your Home?

Hint: Tiny is totally worth it.

Small kitchen appliances

You don’t have to live in a tiny house to understand the frustrations of navigating a small kitchen. Fortunately, though, because of the trend of renters and homeowners choosing smaller spaces over larger ones, compact appliances for small kitchens have become more popular — and much more capable — in recent years. Learn from this guide what the most sought-after small kitchen appliances are and which ones make the most sense for your home. The best part? An American Home Shield® Home Appliance Warranty has no size (or lack of size) limits, so your eligible appliances are covered, no matter how tiny they are!

Refrigerator Options

Counter-depth: Plenty of wall space but not enough space to move around? Consider a counter-depth refrigerator. Rather than jutting out in the kitchen, this version fits seamlessly with the surrounding counters and cabinets.

Mini-me: Typically, 18 to 24 inches wide with twelve cubic feet, these apartment-style fridges are like the little brother version of their regular-sized counterparts — they look and act just like them; they just don’t have quite the same stature.

Dorm-style: If the apartment-style fridge is the little brother to a regular one, the dorm-style is like the family dog. These compact appliances for small kitchens typically only offer two to five cubic feet of capacity, perfect for a single person. Want to kill two birds with one stone? Opt for a “micro” refrigerator: a compact refrigerator with an attached microwave on top.

Drawer: Heard of the microwave drawer (another space-saving appliance option)? This is the same concept. If you don’t have the space for a standalone fridge/freezer, this one (typically 24 inches wide) fits in the cabinetry.

Range and Oven Options

Wherever-you-want-it range: These days, you aren’t automatically stuck with four burners in a designated spot in your kitchen (although you can get a four-burner that’s only 24 inches wide). Instead, you can get the ultra-compact 12- to 15-inch version with one or two burners and install it wherever it makes the most sense in your space.

Modular cooktop: Speaking of what you want, a modular cooktop can be customized with exactly the type of heating elements you want (a deep fryer, grill and gas cooktop, for example).

Petite oven: Just like the apartment-style refrigerator, this option is simply a smaller version of a typical oven. As a bonus, though, some models can open on the side, depending on what’s best for your layout.

Dishwasher Options

Cabinet size: This option has all the wash cycles and features you expect from a typical dishwasher. However, it’s only as wide as a standard cabinet, making it the perfect appliance for small kitchen spaces.

On-the-go: Only want the dishwasher in the kitchen when you need it? Consider a countertop version or one that’s on wheels.

Single or double drawer: The single-drawer option is perfect for smaller households that don’t dirty up a lot of dishes at once. The double-drawer option, however, can wash as many as 14 place settings, making it just as effective as a standalone dishwasher!

Need Even More Ideas for Small Kitchen Appliances?

When it comes to compact appliances for small kitchen spaces, it doesn’t get any more compact than the all-in-one countertop cookers. And we’re not just talking about toaster ovens and slow cookers anymore (although they’re definitely still kitchen rock stars!). Take a minute to read up on the latest multi-tasking masters — the updated pressure cooker and all-new air fryer. Then, sit back, relax and enjoy the fruits of your small kitchen appliances’ labor!

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