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6 Ways to Keep Kids Active on Lazy Summer Days

Don't let your little ones fall into the trap of sitting inside with their electronics all summer. Here are six fun-filled ways to help stimulate their minds and work out their bodies. 

Keep kids active

Fun exercise tips to beat the summertime blues.

School is out and temperatures are on the rise. It can be easy to let your little ones fall into a routine of video games and excessive amounts of screen time, but sedentary free time can go hand-in-hand with childhood obesity. By adding a dose of fun exercise, you can ensure your kids have a happy and healthy summer vacation.

1. Get Back to Nature

It’s time to get outside and explore! Go for a hike, scale that enormous tree, take your family on an epic camping expedition – this is your chance to reconnect with the great outdoors and have an adventure.

2. Head to the Pool

Heading to the pool is a great way to cool off and get in some great exercise. If you don’t have a pool, consider joining a community recreation center. Bonus benefit – a few hours of swimming and splashing in the pool is a great way for your kiddos to burn off excess energy!

3. Short Work

Younger kids love to help out. Small tasks can not only teach them responsibility, they can make for serious fun. Let your kids help with light yard work, wash the car together or take your family pet for a walk. You can be productive while having a great time together.

4. Fitness Fun

Start great exercise habits by performing small exercise routines together every morning. Have fun by seeing how you can do the most jumping jacks or sit ups. You might be surprised by how many push-ups your child can do! This is your chance to help your kids learn the importance of staying active and healthy and help you to also get some mindful exercise into your busy routine. Two birds, one stone.

5. Be Amused

Reward your kids for consistent exercise by planning a fun escape to an amusement park. Not only will you share plenty of thrills and chills, you’ll be able to log a ton of steps as you traverse the park, walking from attraction to attraction.  

6. Sporting Fun

Summer is the perfect time to learn something new. Talk to your kids about their interest in sports. You may have a potential competitive swimmer in your family and not even know it! Even better, your local community center may have a program in place – join a summer soccer team or step up to bat with a t-ball league. In addition to plenty of exercise, your child can gain valuable team building experience.  

By getting your kids to put down the electronics, you can remind them there is a whole world of adventure out there beyond their tablet screen. Even better – you can build healthy and happy habits that will follow them into adulthood.

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