5 Ways to Make Holiday Decorations Last Beyond the Holidays

Dreading taking down your holiday decorations? Then don't! Here are five ways to incorporate your holiday decor into your everyday style year-round.

Holiday decorations in home

It’s exciting at the beginning of the holiday season when you’re going through storage and searching for holiday decorations or shopping for new ones. However, it’s not always as thrilling when it comes time to take down those same decorations.  Instead of removing your holiday decor, here are five ways to make it work year-round, even after the season ends.

Use colors that will match or accentuate your home décor. 

While many of us love the traditional holiday colors, nowadays, it’s easier than ever to find and choose from a variety of colors and options. From candles, and wreaths, garland, lights, and tree ornaments to even wrapping paper, you can. coordinate and decorate with colors that will match your entire home’s color scheme. So, instead of clashing with your home décor, your holiday decorations will look like they naturally belong in the home. 

Use white or single-color lights.

Nothing says “happy holidays” like adding decorative lights in and around your home. This year, instead of using a multi-color set, switch to white or another solid string of lights. White or solid lights will match practically any color scheme. Plus, you will get the most out of your dollars, while getting extra use out of the lights by keeping them up for the rest of the year.  

Utilize an assortment of colors for the holiday wreaths.  

Whether they’re placed on doors or placed in the home, wreaths are commonly used throughout the house not only during the holiday season, but also year-round. Consider incorporating natural and neutral colors. If that’s too boring, you can enhance the overall look by placing add-ons on the wreath as the seasons change. Even if you decide to purchase a wreath from a local store or create your own as a DIY project, there are a variety of themes, styles, and colors to choose from. Thus, making it simple to use a holiday wreath that will complement your home décor and can easily remain up all year long.

Position major statement items in a room where they’re not as prominent.

Instead of placing your major holiday items in a heavy traffic area, and if your home space will allow for it, consider arranging your major holiday statement pieces and decorations in a different room. Moreover, replace larger items with smaller versions, like a miniature Christmas tree. By doing this, you can enjoy a festive look when you want to, as well as the everyday appearance of your home without having to deal with a potential clash between your home décor and the holiday decorations.    

Incorporate holiday accent pieces that will complement your home décor.

Adding accent items to different areas of your home, like your living room, dining room, kitchen, hallway, and fireplace mantel can help you play up the season without having to decorate your house in a major way. Use items, such as holiday-themed table runners, decorative place mats, napkin rings, centerpieces, or glass vases, with ornaments to add a festive feeling. For example, a glass vase with ornaments would work well as a beautiful centerpiece on your living or dining room table. If you want to keep it extra simple, but add some holiday cheer, take some glass jars and add some holiday wrapped candy to them. If have a lot of neutral colors throughout your home, adding some gold and silver accents can add a touch of the holiday spirit.

Be bold and own the decorative clash.

Just like fashion rules have evolved over the years — stripes and polka dots, wearing white after Labor Day, vertical stripes mixed with horizontal stripes — you can change the so-called home décor rules as well. Maybe you don’t mind mixing traditional holiday colors like green and red with different hues and shades throughout your house. You may not care that your family and friends may judge you for keeping your decorations up for an extended time and without any qualms, even though they may not match. It’s your home and you make the rules, so you can keep them up for as long as you’d like.

With these ideas and tips, don’t be surprised if you’re more eager than ever to keep your home decorated for a few more weeks, a few months, or the rest of the year. For more holiday decorating or even home budget-saving tips, be sure to check out the American Home Shield® Home Matters Blog.



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