How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

Take an in-depth look at engineered and solid hardwood flooring costs, including the average range of prices for materials, installation and maintenance. 

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Hardwood floors are a popular choice among homeowners, interior designers and stylists for a reason. Timeless, beautiful, durable and easily integrated into any style, they add warmth and value to a home. But just how much does hardwood flooring cost? While prices vary based on the type of wood used, the average hardwood floor costs $6 to $8 per square foot. It can be more expensive than other options, including tile and carpet, so it’s important to do your research before purchasing. To help you make an informed decision, we’ll walk you through what it means to invest in solid or engineered wood, and offer insight into everything from price per square foot to hardwood floor installation costs and associated maintenance.

Hardwood Floor Installation Costs: Solid and Engineered

Whether you’re renovating or building, there are many factors to consider if you’re thinking of installing wood floors. “How much does hardwood flooring cost?” is likely at the top of your list of questions. First, account for the square footage and complexity of your project. Does carpet or tile need to be ripped up and disposed of? Do repairs need to be made to subflooring? Prices can also fluctuate depending on your choice of materials, but with great options on the market today, it’s possible to make a big impact on your home without blowing your budget. Here’s a closer look at the average hardwood flooring cost and a range of price points based on wood type, quality and more.

Solid Wood

Durable and attractive, traditional hardwood is a classic foundation for any home, though hardwood floor costs can vary based on the type of wood you’re interested in using.

  • Highest Price: Exotic woods including mahogany, Brazilian walnut, cypress and tigerwood are among the most beautiful, but they’re also the most expensive.
    • Materials: $8-$14 per sq. ft.
    • Installation: $4-$8 per sq. ft.
  • Average Price: Oak, American cherry and teak are popular because of their durability and mid-range cost.
    • Materials: $5-$10 per sq. ft.
    • Installation: $4-$8 per sq. ft.
  • Lower Price: Soft woods like pine save money without sacrificing style. 
    • Materials: $3-$6 per sq. ft.
    • Installation: $3-$5 per sq. ft.

In addition to the varying prices of materials, hardwood flooring costs can also differ depending on the installation method. Attaching planks with wood and nails, for example, is more expensive than the technique for engineered wood, which can simply “float” above the subfloor.

Engineered Wood

An exciting alternative to traditional solid wood, engineered wood typically features a top layer of natural wood such as oak, birch, maple or hickory. Additional sheets of wood are then placed underneath to ensure durability.

  • Highest Price: Higher-end products often feature a thicker veneer top made of exotic wood and a seven-core layer, which is thicker than less expensive products.
    • Materials: $8-$14 per sq. ft. 
    • Installation: $4-$8 per sq. ft.
  • Average Price: With a five-core layer and relatively thick veneer, mid-range engineered wood offers an affordable upgrade.
    • Materials: $5-$10 per sq. ft.
    • Installation: $4-$8 per sq. ft.
  • Lower Price: The basic options showcase three cores and a wood veneer layer between 1/16 and 1/12 inches thick.
    • Materials: $3-$6 per sq. ft.
    • Installation: $3-$5 per sq. ft.

Floating is typically used to install engineered wood, which involves clicking or attaching the panels to block moisture. Gluing is also an option, and both tend to be less expensive than solid hardwood floor installation costs. It’s worth noting, however, that engineered wood cannot be resurfaced multiple times, which could result in more money spent in the long run.

Maintenance Cost of Hardwood Flooring

Pets, kids, lifestyle and proximity to moisture should be taken into consideration when choosing between traditional hardwood and engineered wood. In addition to the money spent on materials and installation at the beginning of your project, ongoing maintenance should also be factored into hardwood flooring costs. Typical maintenance costs include:

  • Spot repairs
  • Board replacements
  • Sanding and refinishing
  • Staining and sealing

To keep your floors looking as good tomorrow as they do today, check out our guide for homemade cleaners. But remember, a little water goes a long way. Saturation can cause damage, so be sure to clean up standing water as quickly as possible.

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