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Decor Articles

Explore unique decorating ideas and inspirational design tips from wall décor, bathroom remodels and more that will transform your house into a home.

Top 8 Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2020

If you're looking into updating, remodeling or just touching up your kitchen or bathroom, use this guide to see what trends to expect in 2020.

How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

Take an in-depth look at engineered and solid hardwood flooring costs, including the average range of prices for materials, installation and maintenance.

Pros and Cons of Each Type of Kitchen Countertops

Looking to install new countertops? Check out our list of pros and cons for each type of kitchen countertop.

Finding the Right Type of Blinds for Your Windows

Looking to buy new blinds? Check out our article on how to find the right type of blinds for your windows and learn more about installing blinds.

DIY Home Projects to Do On a Budget

Here are some budget-friendly DIY home projects that can get your house looking even better.

Painting Tools Pros Use that DIYers Should Too

Looking into doing some painting? Check out these tools that professional painters use that you should be using too.

8 Tips for Outdoor Holiday Decorating

You don't want to be the only house on the block that doesn't look great this holiday season. Use these 8 tips to help you with your outdoor holiday decorating.

Learn How to Maximize Space in a Small Kitchen

Most people urge to have a huge kitchen. Unfortunately, not everyone has one. Here are some tips on how to maximize the space you have in your small kitchen.

What You Need to Know About Converting Your Garage

If you're thinking about converting your garage into another room or man cave, there are some things you should be aware of. Check this blog out for more!

7 Tips for Creating an Awesome Man Cave

With the start of football season around the corner, now is a better time than ever to spruce up your man cave. Use these 7 tips to help ensure you have the best man cave on the block to watch the big game.

The Best Closet Organizers

No one likes walking into or seeing a messy closet. Closets can be one of the hardest parts of a home to keep organized and looking good. Check out the best closet organizers and see which one will work best for your home!

What You Need to Know When Hiring a Bathroom Remodeler

Time to remodel your bathroom? You might be looking to hire a professional. These tips can help you make sure you hire the right person for the job. Learn what to look for when hiring a bathroom remodeler.

Transition the Inside of Your Home from Winter to Spring

Time to turn the inside of your home from a cozy winter holiday spot to a spring time showroom. As you prepare for spring cleaning use these tips to transition the inside of your house from winter to spring.

Time for New Floors: Tile, Wood, Laminate or Carpet?

Thinking of getting new floors? Here's a look at the different types of flooring options and pros and cons of each. Make your home look good with your new floors. Find out which type of flooring will work best for you.

7 Easy Storage Solutions: No Waste of Space

Not enough storage space in your home? It’s an all too common problem. Here are some creative ways to maximize your square footage and stay organized in every room.

Tips for Storing Holiday Decor

Putting up Christmas decorations is a joy, but taking them down, not so much. Make sure you are organized for next Christmas season, use these AHS tips for storing your Christmas decor.

New Home Checklist: Must-Have Appliances

With a new home may come the need for new appliances, but where should you begin? Follow this New Home Appliance Checklist and let us help you find what you need.

9 Simple Steps for Tiling Your Backsplash

One of the best ways to brighten up your kitchen is by redoing the tile of your backsplash. AHS has the steps to spruce up your kitchen's backsplash!

20 Amazing Garage Man Caves for Football Season

Football season has arrived. These 20 man caves will be sure to inspire you to turn your garage into the ultimate sports watching arena.

Make a Plan to Make It Grand: How to Turn the Attic Into a Living Space

If you're ready to turn your attic from a storage area to a bedroom, home office or other living space, here is what you need to know & tips on how to make it happen.

5 Easy Ways to Accent Your Exposed Brick Wall

Exposed brick walls have become trendy. Here are tips to make yours a feature of the room, as well as how to drill into them to hang photos and other decor before painting a brick wall.

Learning to DIY: Bathroom Makeovers on a Tight Budget

Learn how these inexpensive DIY bathroom makeover ideas allow you to redo your bathroom on a tight budget - no contractor necessary!

Lighten Up: 10 Year-Round String Light Ideas - Perfect for Any Décor

Looking for a fun and easy way to change the mood of a room? Look no further than these string light ideas! These 10 ideas will show you how to light up your room.

Don’t Throw Them Out! How to Reuse Old Light Bulbs

Do you know the many uses for old light bulbs or the correct way to recycle CFL bulbs? Instead of tossing those old light bulbs, get crafty with them!

What’s the Best Material for Bathroom Countertops?

Ready to replace your bathroom countertops, but not sure what type of countertop is right for you? Then check out the pros and cons of the most common types.

5 Ways to Make Holiday Decorations Last Beyond the Holidays

Dreading taking down your holiday decorations? Then don't! Here are five ways to incorporate your holiday decor into your everyday style year-round.

Learning to DIY: How to Update a Fireplace on a Budget

Change the look of your fireplace without spending a lot! Whatever your budget, these tips - and some creativity and elbow grease - will get you the look you want.

5 Tips for Making Your Home Look Bigger

Can't get a larger room? Make it look bigger with these five easy tips. Learn how lighting, mirrors, and placement create the illusion of more space.

How to Choose a Kitchen Sink (Hint: There Are Several Options to Consider!)

Replacing your sink is exciting ... and confusing. Decisions arise: what material for the basin, topmounted or not, farmhouse or not? Learn the basics here.

How to Make Your Fall Seasonal Home Décor Last Through Winter

Don't toss the pumpkins and pine cones once fall is over! Here are some easy ways to transition the look of fall to the cool and holiday-inspired hues of winter.

Shut the Front Door! How to Choose a Front Door for Your Home

Is it time to update your front door or you just want a change? A door plays a major role in a home's first impression. Learn what to consider when choosing a door.

Get Your Creative On: Make Your Own Wall Art

Home decor doesn't just belong to the pros. Add your personal touch and some character to your home with these eye-catching, DIY wall art ideas.

How to Organize Your Kitchen With a Built-in Food Center

Need more kitchen space? Try a built-in food center. Use this extra storage as a pantry or for a wine fridge or small fridge. It's even covered by a home warranty.

Create a Minimalist Space That Transitions With the Season

When switching decor between seasons, the simplest approach may be best. But did you know simplicity doesn't mean boring? With nature as muse, simple is stylish.

Top Trends in Home Decor for 2017

Like to keep up with the latest design trends? Into faux finishes or copper accents? Then check out how to incorporate the latest summer decor trends into your home!

How to Choose the Best Location for Your Microwave

Have a small kitchen? Need a lot of counter space? Is it a built-in? Here are some ideas to help you find a place for your microwave that factors in type and size.

Microwave Drawer Pros and Cons: Is it Worth the Cost?

Need to save counter space, but can't live without your microwave? Then check out the microwave drawer! AHS lists the pros and cons to consider before purchasing.

Decorating Ideas for Front Porches That Pop

Make your front porch a destination with these outdoor decorating tips. Whether you're looking for subtle design or wow factor, we have design ideas for you!

Make it Pop: How to Add Color to a Room (With Graphic)

Ready to change your home decor, but not sure if you're ready to commit? Relax! Add a pop of color with small items, like flowers or a rug, and get a big impact.

Easy-To-Care-For Houseplants That Brighten Your Home

Want a simple way to brighten your home and improve indoor air quality? Then add some houseplants! We offer care tips for seven plants and share if they are pet friendly.

Decorating for Spring: 10 Affordable Home Decor Ideas

Springtime is the perfect time to hit the refresh button on your home decor. Toss the winter accents and perk up your palette, bring the outside in and let there be light.

Update Your Appliances With Stainless Steel Paint

Transform your old appliances with stainless steel paint. Follow our tips on how to prep appliances, apply stainless steel paint and how to make the new look last.

7 Post-Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Changing up your home decor to reflect the changing seasons is easy with these seven tips. Moving mirrors or changing lampshades can have a huge impact on style.

Easy DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Do With Children

Get in the holiday spirit and spend quality time with the kids with these easy, inexpensive crafts you can create together!

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Upgrades In Time For The Holidays

Want a kitchen remodel, but can't afford it? Check out these affordable and easy DIY design hacks to refresh your kitchen without breaking the budget.

Home is Where the Hearth Is: 5 Fall Fireplace Inspirations

Cuddle up around the fire and let American Home Shield Home Matters help you create the perfect seasonal atmosphere, starting in the heart of your home. Here are five fall fireplace décor and mantel design ideas that you can recreate in your own space.

Create a Beautiful DIY Fall Wreath Using ... Coffee Filters!

Creating your own custom fall wreath is fun, inexpensive and simple. Follow our easy tutorial to make and decorate your personalized DIY coffee filter wreath.

Give Your Shower Head a Makeover

If you don't have the money or time to invest in a bathroom remodel, you can update your bathroom by simply changing your shower head. The options are endless.

All Lit Up: Kitchen Lighting and Design Guide

Maybe you could give your kitchen a comparatively inexpensive facelift with some new lighting.

7 Considerations for Choosing a Range Hood

There are many things to consider when choosing a range hood. For instance, considering the price, style, exhaust system, range noise & more will help you buy.

Add a Touch of Style to Your Space This Fall

With its colorful nature, cozy atmosphere and feel-good weather, there’s no wonder why we love fall. Get into your autumn spirit even more with these fall decorating ideas

Find The Right Oven For Your Kitchen

There are a lot of considerations when choosing an oven including price, type, color and appearance.

5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

Freshen up your home with amazing scents from expert advice on simple ways to keep your home feeling and smelling fresh.

Tiny Bathroom? Tiny Budget? No problem.

If you have a tiny bathroom and don't know how to make your space come alive. Organize your tiny bathroom with simple and practical organization and decor tips.

Awesome Outdoor Lighting for Summer Nights

Every yard has the potential to be a place of summer evening splendor with the right lighting setup. Here are a few amazing setups to provide bright ideas for landscape lighting.

Dorm Room Décor On a Dime

If your child is headed for a college dormitory this fall, here is a list of tips we’ve compiled to help make the most of the new, cozy quarters – and transform his or her home away from home without breaking the bank.

10 Fabulous Kitchens

Go big or go home. If you have the space, nothing says culinary luxury like a huge kitchen. Check out these show-stopping celebrity kitchen wonders and get ideas on how to take yours to the next level.

11 Decor Ideas For Your Patriotic Party

At your 4th of July party, sparks will fly with these DIY patriotic party ideas

Create the Ultimate She-Shed: 6 Ideas That Will Inspire You

Be gone with the beloved man cave and welcome a place of serenity and relaxation for women: The she-shed. Get inspired with decor tips and more.

7 Colorful Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Help You Ditch the Drab

Create a kitchen that pops! Start your kitchen remodel with these colorful ideas and retro kitchen accessories.

These Paint Color Ideas Could Lead to Better Health in Your Home

Feeling down lately? Picking the right paint color could affect your every mood. Our Home Matters designers share the colors that make you and your room sparkle.

New Home Decor Trends For 2016

2016 is quickly turning into one of design’s hottest years when it comes to home décor. You can incorporate some of these trends into your home whether you are doing a complete overhaul of one or more rooms or making simple and inexpensive changes.

10 Home Office Organization Ideas

The first step to home office success begins with organizing your space and decluttering your home, so you may enhance your productivity and work efficiency.

How to Hire The Right Interior Decorator For You

Picking colors to match your drapes? New floor plan? Let the home solutions professionals at Home Matters help you hire the best interior decorator for you.

Let the Fresh Air In — Your Window Guide for Spring

Spring is in the air. At last you can open the windows and let the fresh breezes in. Choose the best windows for your home using this guide for replacing or installing windows.

Peace, Love, and Feng Shui

The home is a symbol of balance and tranquility. Let's help bring out the inner chi and peace that it represents. Our guide will help bring balance to your home.

What Does Your Personality Say About Your Furniture?

Our homes are a reflection of who we are and our personality often shines through. Take our quiz to see what your personality says about your home furniture.

Home Design Trends of 2016

Explore Home Design Trends for 2016 as we review what's hot and what's not for the upcoming year. We'll discuss everything from artisan goods to textures.

Zen and The Art Of Workshop Organization

Does your workshop need some work? We got in touch with Bonnie Joy Dewkett, from The Joyful Organizer, for tips on making the most out of your workshop.

Bright Ideas for Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting can significantly impact the curb appeal of your home. These bright ideas will help shed some light on your home's exterior.

The Pros and Cons Of Compact Washers and Dryers

Is space a hot commodity in your house? Find the pros and cons of cutting back on washer and dryer sizes right here.

America’s Most Popular Home Styles by Region

Take a tour of America's most popular home styles broken down by region in which they are the most popular. Some of these might surprise you.

How To Achieve Your Dream Garage Makeover

Your garage doesn't have to be an unkempt room of clutter. Consider these tips next time you consider a garage makeover.

Plan the Bathroom Remodel of Your Dreams

Your bathroom should be a place for relaxation, primping and a little luxury. Gather inspiration for the bathroom remodel of your dreams right here.

A Dream Kitchen Remodel For Anyone

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Gather ideas and inspiration for your dream kitchen from these simple remodel and makeover tips.

Rest Easy With a Bedroom Makeover

The bedroom is the most used room in your home. These tips will help you get started on a bedroom makeover that allow you to rest easy at night.

Keys to an Awesome Living Room Makeover

Living room remodels and makeovers are crucial to keeping your favorite room looking good. These ideas will give you the inspiration you need.

Increase Your Home's Fun With a Game Room Makeover

A decked-out game room can bring family and friends together like nothing else. These ideas are sure to get your game room makeover sparked up.

Laundry Room Makeovers For A Clean Start

If you’re considering a laundry room makeover, use these ideas to create an organized and useful space that’s both visually appealing and highly functional.

How to Create the Perfect DIY Workshop

DIY projects are great for adding value to your home and can reduce costs, but do you have the proper work space to start those projects? Having a dedicated area will benefit you and your family by organizing your materials and keeping clutter away.

Top Fall Style Trends For Your Home

Whether you hire a professional designer, or tackle a DIY project, you’re sure to find a new and exciting way to liven up your home with these top fall style trends.

9 Man Cave Ideas That Will Make You Beyond Jealous

Every man needs a place to call home-to relax, decompress, drink a few beers (or other cold beverages) and be by himself. That place is the man cave. We consulted with Lisa Loperfido from DIY Ready to showcase our nine best man cave ideas for your home.

3 Quick Tips to Designing the Ultimate Man Cave

This Father's Day give dad some space by helping him design and construct his very own man cave — a dwelling in which the man of the house can retreat to when the ballpark or going camping just don’t cut it.

Give Your Furniture a Face Lift

If your furniture has any nicks and dings, you can bring back its beauty without replacing the piece. For a lot less money, Furniture Medic® can repair your furniture (including kitchen cabinets) and make it look great again.

3 Simple Ways to Dress Up Your Home for Halloween

Every year, millions of people young and old dress up in costume to collect treats and maybe even hand out a few scares. But people don’t have to be the only ones in costume. Give your home a Halloween makeover with these not-so-scary decorating tips.

5 Hot Home Decor Trends for Fall

The weather may be cooling, but there are plenty of hot trends in home décor this fall. If you’re looking for a complete overhaul, or just a new way to freshen up a room or two, this fall features trends for every taste.

Neutrals, Wicker Among Fall Trends To Follow

From bold lights to wicker furniture, there's plenty to dabble into this season. Learn more about the top trends to follow from the Home Décor experts.

Eliminate Your Blank Wall Space

There's nothing more stark or empty looking than a blank wall. Before you start buying and hanging art, check out these simple design ideas and art hanging how-to’s.

Great New Paint Products

While painting is one of the easiest, least expensive ways to brighten a room, it’s also one of the smelliest. These new paint improvements can lessen the stench.

Home Décor: 8 Ways to Turn Tired into Trendy

If you’re longing to give your home a fresh look, upcycling is the way to go. Turning something old into something new and useful can save you money and give you a beautiful look for less. Let these ideas transform your eyesore into a stunner.

Make More Room for Your Stuff

Trying to find room for everything in the house after the holidays can be frustrating. Here are some smart and simple ways to add more storage space to your home.