Tips for Organizing After the Holidays

The hustle and bustle of the holidays probably took a serious toll on your home, but getting reorganized doesn’t have to be so difficult with a few helpful tips.

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Take stock.
The clutter created by holiday decorations and storage bins presents the perfect opportunity to prepare for next year. Take stock of what you have and what needs to be replaced. Will those bins hold up another year or would you be better off purchasing bigger ones you could use to consolidate everything and save on space? You might also want to consider creating lists of what each bin or box contains so you can find what you are looking for next time without having to dig around.

Stack with a strategy.
If you typically pack up all your holiday decorations and stow everything away in the first empty space you can find, you’re not alone. However, having a strategy in mind before you do anything can make life a lot easier. So before you go and pack away that box of ornaments, make sure you’re not blocking any important items you may need in the upcoming months. It might mean more work now, but you’ll be happy when there’s less work to do in the future.

Create space.
With the influx of new toys, clothes and other items you and the family received in the form of presents, now is the perfect time to purge things from your home. Give everyone in the house a garbage bag and get rid of the things you don’t need anymore by donating them to a local charity, a donation site, or even a neighbor. In the process you’ll de-clutter the house and create the much needed space you’ve been dreaming of.

Photo memento.
After it’s all said and done, chances are you’ve captured enough holiday cheer on your camera to take up nearly all the space on your memory card. So why not spend some time uploading your photos to the computer and use them to create something special like a calendar or hardcover album? Not only will you have a precious memento to remember those special moments, but you’ll also have a camera with plenty of memory to snap some more pictures at that special event coming up on your calendar.

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