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Why You Should Have a TV Warranty

Your TV is the center of your home's entertainment system. Learn why you should have it covered with a warranty.

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When you buy a new TV, it should come with a manufacturer’s warranty. But you may be surprised to learn that the manufacturer’s warranty isn’t the best TV warranty. In fact, there’s a lot it doesn’t cover. This means that even if your TV breaks during the warranty period, it might not be covered for repair or replacement. 

So, if the manufacturer’s warranty isn’t the best TV warranty, what is? You need coverage for more than just manufacturer’s defects. The best TV warranty will also pay to repair or replace your TV when it breaks due to normal wear and tear, material defects or power surges. With your TV at the center of your home’s entertainment system, it’s too important not to cover with the best electronics warranty you can get.

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The Manufacturer’s Warranty Doesn’t Cover Everything

Most new TVs come with a manufacturer’s warranty against defects, but that warranty doesn’t cover everything that could possibly go wrong with your TV. For example, a manufacturer’s warranty may not cover the following:

  • Failures caused by normal wear and tear
  • Power surges
  • Dust, heat and humidity 

In addition, most manufacturers won’t fix dead pixels in your LCD screen. Manufacturer warranty policies for dead pixel coverage are often vague, and some manufacturers even claim that a certain number of dead pixels are acceptable. But if you’ve ever watched a TV with even one dead pixel, you know how maddening it can be to constantly see that one little spot in the middle of your screen.

A manufacturer’s warranty on a new TV just doesn’t offer you the comprehensive coverage you might expect on a new, expensive item. And while most retailers offer extended TV warranty plans that do provide protection for issues not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty, these plans are expensive, cover only one TV, expire after a year or two, and are void after you receive your replacement device.

Your TVs Won’t Live Forever

You probably have a TV in your family room, one in your bedroom and perhaps additional TVs in your children’s bedrooms and living room. You might have a TV in your recreation room, one in your study, or even one in your workshop, bonus room, or guest room. Some homeowners even put TVs in their outdoor kitchens.

If your family is like most, you use your TV to stream movies and TV shows, play video games, and even stream music or YouTube videos. If you leave your TV on for much of the day – whether it’s to play video games, have some background noise or binge-watch Netflix – you could be buying another one in five or six years. Or, if you have the right TV warranty, you could be getting it replaced for free in five or six years. The best TV warranty will replace your broken TV no matter how old it is.

Get TV Coverage for All Your New and Used TVs

If you have a home warranty with American Home Shield®, you can get much more affordable coverage for all your TVs with our Electronics Plan. When you add on an Electronics Plan to one of our core plans, you’ll enjoy coverage for an unlimited number of eligible home electronics, including TVs and their accessories, such as remote controls, DVD players and speaker bars.

The electronics coverage works similarly to your American Home Shield® Home Warranty. When your covered TV or other electronic device fails, you can call or go online to file a claim. You’ll pay a service call fee from $75 to $125, depending on the plan tier you choose at sign-up, or $49 for all smart home products. If the failure is covered, we’ll either send a technician to your home to fix your TV or assist you in shipping it to a repair facility. We will provide mailing labels and packing materials and cover all shipping costs. 

Enrolling in the Electronics Plan can be more budget friendly than buying multiple individual protection plans, especially if you own several TVs. With this plan, you can cover an unlimited amount of eligible TVs. The cost for the Electronics Plan starts at about $168 a year, and you’re covered for $2,000 of repairs per claim and $5,000 in aggregate claims per 12-month contract term.

If you have one or more TVs, the Electronics Plan can help protect your budget in case of a power surge or component failure. Go online now to add electronics coverage to your home warranty plan.

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