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Late Summer Checklist for Homeowners

Now that summer is winding down, it’s time to take care of a few things around the house before the colder weather starts kicking in. Here are some suggestions to help prepare your home for the arrival of fall.

Make sure all your doors and windows are in good working order and that none of the locks, caulking or weather stripping has to be replaced. Check the glass and screens for cracks or tears and repair or replace them as needed. Don’t forget to clean the window tracks and oil all door hinges.

Check the Gutters
Break out the ladder and check the gutters around your house for clogs, leaks or loose connections. If you don’t have gutter guards to help keep out leaves and debris, it’s best to install them now before fall arrives—they can save you some serious time and effort down the road.

Look For Leaks
Check your basement for cracks, leaks or any other signs of moisture. If you spot any major problems, have them repaired and waterproofed professionally. For smaller jobs, you can probably do it yourself and save the cost of a contractor.

Test Your Smoke Detectors
Check that all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home are functioning properly by pressing the “Test” button. If your detectors run on regular batteries and you haven’t changed them already this year, put a fresh one in each—it could save your life. Depending on the manufacturer, you should replace the units every five to ten years.

Change Your HVAC Filters
Your AC unit can get quite a workout during the dog days of summer, so make sure you check your HVAC filter. A dirty HVAC filter can make your home’s system work harder than it should and be less effective. You can save on HVAC filters now with special offers from American Home Shield®.

Prepare Your Garden
If you’ve got a vegetable garden, you’ve probably still got tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers to harvest. While it’s too early to plant, you can start making room for fall vegetables like beans, peas and broccoli. As for the lawn, you’ve still got some watering and mowing left to do before it’s time to fertilize in the fall.

Clear Out the Clutter
Late summer is a good time to get rid of stuff that’s been collecting dust in the attic, basement or garage. Have a yard sale and turn your old books, clothes and furnishings into some cold, hard cash. Your place will look better, and you’ll have plenty of room for new fall goodies.

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