6 Ways to Maintain Your Home’s Exterior

Although a comfy hammock and a tall glass of lemonade may be calling you, take time to do some important home maintenance before you relax. This maintenance checklist will help you keep your home’s exterior in great shape.
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Clean the Dryer Exhaust
A clogged vent is a potential fire hazard and a drain on your dryer’s efficiency. Make sure the exhaust is coming out while the dryer is running. If you don’t notice much exhaust, you may have a blockage, which is best determined and repaired by a professional. Vacuuming the vent will also help the dryer’s performance.

Clean and Repair the Deck
A thorough washing may be all it needs, but if your deck has loose boards, cracks or decay, it needs more work. If that’s the case, pressure wash it first. According to the North American Deck and Railing Association, always test for decay, especially in areas that seem to stay damp. If the wood is soft and spongy, or doesn’t splinter when poked with a screwdriver, your deck may not be safe to use. Also, look for small holes, which can be a sign of insects. If the deck coating has worn away, apply a waterproofing coating after cleaning.

Clean Out Gutters and Window Wells
Leaves, petals and seeds can accumulate in your gutters and window wells in the summer. Clear the debris to keep rain water draining properly and away from your home’s foundation. Also, make sure an animal hasn’t turned your window well into its home.

Inspect Your Roof
Kiplinger.com suggests any easy way to inspect your roof without risking your safety: use binoculars. If you only need a few shingles replaced, a handyman may be able to replace them for a nominal charge. For extensive damage, you should contact a professional roofer. (SOURCE)

ICaulk the Cracks
Check for gaps around windows and doors and reapply caulk to prevent leaks. Also, add weather stripping to doors. You’ll help your air conditioning system run more efficiently and will save money.

Repair the Driveway
An unsightly hole or crack in your driveway detracts from your home’s curb appeal and can become a growing problem. For concrete driveways, you can patch or fill cracks or chips with a cement-repair product. Deeper cracks or sunken concrete are bigger issues best left to a professional. Asphalt is harder to work with, so call a professional. To extend its longevity, an asphalt driveway should be resealed every two to five years, according to Kiplinger.com

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