Use Facebook Live and Snapchat To Stay Ahead of the Game

Take prospective buyers on a tour of the neighborhood. Put geofilters to work for you. Explore and experiment. The possibilities are unlimited.

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You’re already on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (and hopefully you’re already following AHS® on Facebook and finding our useful household tips valuable). You’re sharing, commenting, tweeting, posting and pinning several times a day. These are all important ways to grow your network and your business. They’re not the only ways, however. Facebook Live and Snapchat offer you new methods to stay connected and ahead of the curve.  

Which App to Choose

Not sure whether you should go with Facebook Live or Snapchat? Give them both a try. You may be more comfortable with one over the other. You may decide to use them both. Familiarizing yourself with the features and opportunities both applications can offer is what’s important.

Facebook Live: Full Stream Ahead

Facebook Live was introduced in April 2016. Its live-streaming technology makes it easy for you to reach out directly to potential buyers and sellers in a new, unique way. Since your live videos go straight into their news feeds, the marketing potential of this technology is pretty amazing. You can promote, host and stream a live, virtual open house for multiple prospective buyers at once. You can take clients—and friends—on virtual tours of neighborhoods or towns they’d like to learn more about. You can stream interviews with local residents, business owners and community leaders, or host a live Q&A session for everyone in your social network. Facebook Live provides you with a myriad of ways to create interest, raise your profile and grow your business.

Snapchat: Stories, Geofilters & More

More than 100 million Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos on the app each day. The Snapchat Story feature allows you to share a video or photo timeline with your contacts, individually or collectively. Stories are automatically deleted after 24 hours. Since the stories are only available for 24 hours, make them timely, fun and relevant. It’s all about keeping in touch and top-of-mind with clients and leads. You can share a tour of a new listing, a photo timeline of an open house, or post a video of a walk through a trendy neighborhood. Snapchat’s custom geofilter feature allows you to add personal reviews or comments to your listings, as well as nearby attractions (restaurants, parks, etc.)—so when your contacts are in the area, they’ll be able to get your insider’s perspective on the neighborhood.

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