How To Match Homes With Lifestyles

Helping a client find the perfect home involves knowing more than how many bedrooms and bathrooms they want and what architectural features they prefer. It’s also important to steer homebuyers toward homes that mesh with their lifestyles and interests. Here are some questions to help you get to know your clients better so you can glean the information you need to help them make a good real estate match.

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What do you like to do in your free time?

Finding out your clients’ interests can tell you many things. It can help you gauge how much time they typically devote to lawncare and home maintenance, which can help in narrowing down properties to show them. Knowing their hobbies can also help you know what locations might be advantageous for them. For example, proximity to a park with trails would be attractive to clients who jog, while being within easy driving distance to a lake might appeal to clients who enjoy boating and water sports.


How do you feel about yardwork?

If clients don’t list yardwork as one of their favorite pastimes, you should probably ask this direct question to find out how they feel about spending time doing lawn and landscaping tasks.  If they indicate they enjoy puttering around in the yard, you’ll know that a large lot or intricate flower beds might be a good fit for them. On the other hand, if they’d rather be doing other things in their free time, you’ll know to look for properties with less outdoor maintenance involved.


Do you have a lawncare budget?

If clients detest working in the yard, find out if they have a budget to outsource tasks like mowing, fertilizing, weed prevention, and tree trimming. If they have planned for these expenses, you’ll feel better about showing them properties with high-maintenance lawns and landscaping.


Do you enjoy do-it-yourself home projects?

Clients often fall into two groups – those who enjoy painting, refinishing, wallpapering, woodworking, and other DIY projects and those who would rather pay professionals to do the labor. Knowing where your clients fall on the DIY gamut can help you know whether a home in turnkey condition might be better for them than one that needs a lot of work.


What experience do you have with home projects?

Even if clients say they enjoy DIY projects, it might be a good idea to probe a little further to find out exactly what they’ve successfully tackled in the past. If it turns out that your clients like to watch home improvement shows on television but have little actual experience, a home that needs just a little TLC might be a better choice than a home that needs a full renovation.


Do you like to entertain?

Finding out whether clients like to invite family and friends to their home and what kind of entertaining style they have can give you important clues to the kind of house that would best work for them. For example, if your clients like to throw big parties for large numbers of guests, an open floor plan or extra outdoor seating might be appealing to them. If gourmet food and seated dinner parties are their preference, you’ll know to look for a chef’s kitchen and possibly a separate dining room. 


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