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Real Estate Articles

Whether you’re a homebuyer, homeowner, renter or Real Estate Professional learn valuable information covering industry topics, home selling, home buying and market insights so you can unlock the keys to your perfect home.

7 Ways to Take Advantage of a Home’s View

If one of your listings has a room with a view, find out how to take advantage of this popular selling feature.

8 Ways to be Prepared for the Busy Home Buying Season

Will you be geared up to take advantage of opportunities when real estate activity increases in your area? Check out these ideas for getting off to a good start.

10 Tips for Avoiding Germs While in the Field

Looking for ways to dodge to germ bullets that seem to be coming from every direction these days? Read these common sense strategies for minimizing your exposure to when you’re out of the office.

8 Ways to Keep up With Local Events

Do you sometimes miss networking opportunities because local events slip your mind? Find out how to schedule and keep track of local events near you.

4 Reasons Why All New-Construction Home Buyers Should Get a Home Warranty

If you're in the middle of working to build your dream home, you'll want to make sure your new-construction home is covered once it's done. Here are four reasons why you should get a home warranty.

How to Prepare Your Kids to Move

If you have an upcoming move, the best thing you can do is let your kids in on it as soon as possible. Telling your kids about the move early on gives them a chance to process their feelings about it and get used to the idea. This is especially important

How to Buy a House When You Have Student Loans

Paying off student loans can make every financial decision tough. You might not even think it's possible to buy a home while paying off students loans. But it is. Learn more!

How to Finish Strong in Listings

Learn how to finish strong on real estate deals with the kind of service that solidifies long-term client relationships.

8 Ways to Attract New Clients

If you’re using the same old ideas to attract new real estate clients, you need to put these fresh ideas and successful strategies into action.

5 Reasons Why Winter Is the Best Time to Buy a Home

Everyone has their opinion on when the best time to buy a home is. Here are some reasons why the winter months might be the best time. Learn more.

How Digital Media Is Transforming Real Estate

Has digital media changed the way you interact with clients and do business? Here are some of the ways that screen access has affected the real estate industry.

Questions That Clients May Ask in 2020

What will your clients likely want to know about real estate transactions in 2020? Find out here so that you can be prepared to serve them even better.

What First-Time Homeowners Need to Know About Filing Taxes

If you bought a home for the first time in 2019, you probably have questions about filing your taxes. Learn more about filing taxes for the first time as a homeowner. 

2020 Real Estate Tips and Trends

If you plan on buying or selling a house in 2020, you'll want to be in the know about all the real estate trends we expect to see this year. Learn more. 

Feng Shui Staging Tips

Learn how to apply Feng Shui, the popular Chinese method of using energy to harmonize people and their environments, to stage your next listing.

Ways to Get to Know Your Neighborhood Better

Don’t miss out on the fun and friendships that could be had in your neighborhood. Learn how to become acquainted with your neighbors.

What is a Builder’s Home Warranty?

A builder’s home warranty is essential when buying a newly constructed home. Learn what it could cover and what it won’t before signing a contract.

5 Reasons to Use Your AHS Online Account

If you have a home warranty through American Home Shield, learn about our online portal. Create an AHS account online to pay bills, contact us and file a request.

Open House Tips

If you want to hold open houses that can close deals, don't miss these helpful tips for making the most of each one.

Why You Should Create a New Year's Resolution List

Are you resolute about avoiding New Year's resolutions? Here are some reasons why you might want to reconsider and start on your list for the new year.

How to Deal With Difficult Clients

Every client has something in common, they want to buy a house. But not every client is easy to work with. Find out how to handle difficult clients with grace and professionalism.

Ways to Make the Winter Selling Season Bearable

As weather gets colder, selling real estate isn't always the easiest. Here are some ways to work around winter.

Advantages of Home Equity Loans

Have equity building up on your home? Learn the benefits of taking out a home equity loan. 

The Ultimate Home Inspection Checklist for Homebuyers

Buying a home can be overwhelming, but a home inspection checklist can help you keep track. From costs to what's covered, we walk you through a home inspection.

How's Your Work/Life Balance?

Juggling between work and your personal life can prove to be a challenge. Here are some tips to help create a healthy work/life balance.

How to Sell a Home in the off Season

Selling homes in the off season can be difficult to do. Check out these suggestions to help sell your home.

Setting the Stage on a Budget

Staging your home is one of the best ways to make it more appealing. Read on for more tips on home staging.

7 Common Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

Being strategic in your daily behaviors is the secret to keeping your head above the competition in the relentless industry of real estate. Read on to learn more about the habits successful agents have in common.

Real Estate Marketing Ideas for Real Results

Is your marketing strategy growing stagnant and you're struggling to achieve the results you want to see? Click here to read up on some real estate marketing ideas to revitalize your efforts.

How to Choose the Best Moving Company

If you're preparing to move, you might be wondering how to know if a moving company is reliable or trustworthy. Use this guide to help you choose the right moving company.

Closing Gifts That Your Clients Will Love to Open

How do you make your clients feel at home in their new place? Check out these unique gift ideas from AHS® to help them settle right in!

Five Tips For Managing Time When You Have Multiple Listings

When your client has an American Home Shield Home Warranty, they'll call us if a covered breakdown occurs— not you. Learn more about how AHS can help save you valuable time.

How to Score a Real Estate Listing in a Competitive Market

American Home Shield offers a dynamic marketing automation tool that lets you build and send marketing materials to your clients. Learn more about how AHS can help your listing stand out in a competitive market.

Why You Should Get a Home Warranty for Your New Condo

Sometimes your dream home is not always a huge house. For some, less is more. If you just bought a condo for your primary home, you should learn how a home warranty can help your manage your budget.

10 Home Updates That Quickly Increase Value

If you live in an older home, or just bought a new one and want to make it yours, these 10 updates might be a great place to start. These updates will help increase your home value right away.

10 Ways to Get More Curb Appeal without Going Over Budget

These eye-catching tips are here to help you get that perfect first impression when someone walks up to your home for the first time. Our list will help you get ideas for how to charm up the front of your house.

10 Reasons to Rekey Your Home

Besides a sense of ease, American Home Shield has 10 reasons why you might consider rekeying your home.

Is the Home Warranty Always Included in Closing Costs?

When buying or selling a home, who is responsible for the cost of a home warranty? Learn about your options and what is covered in a home warranty.

Buying Homeowners Insurance for Beginners

Buying a new home is exciting but nerve wracking at the same time. You want to make sure your new home is covered in the event of a disaster, make sure you know what to look for when shopping for homeowners insurance.

5 Tips for Updating Your Home in an Up and Coming Neighborhood

Keeping your home updated is necessary to maintain your property's value, especially in a growing neighborhood. Here are 5 tips to update your home inexpensively.

5 Things You Should Do Before Moving into Your New Home

Finally about to close on your dream house? Read this list to get some good tips on what you should do when moving into a new home to make the place your own.

4 Ways Home Warranty Plans Can Help You Win More Listings

If you're looking to gain more listings, it's important to use all of the tools available to you. Don't forget about home warranties! Here are 4 ways that a home warranty plan can help you.

7 Ways to Find More Time in Each Day

Real Estate is a time demanding job but AHS can help you manage your work days and be more efficient and productive. Follow these 7 tips to find more time in the day!

Do You Have Real Estate Burnout? Here's How You Can Beat It.

If you think you might be experiencing real estate burnout, don’t despair. AHS can help you with some ideas on how to beat the burnout.

How Digital Real Estate Can Help You Gather Leads

Digital real estate generally refers to your virtual presence on the internet. Learn how you can use digital real estate to help you gain more leads.

Here’s What You Need to Know about Home Equity Loans

A home equity loan allows homeowners to borrow against the equity they have in their home, or the difference between what they owe on their home and what their home is worth.

What Is Private Mortgage Insurance and The Homeowners Protection Act?

The Homeowners Protection Act or Private Mortgage insurance, what is it? Who qualifies? Can it help you. Find out these and more with AHS.

Making Your Real Estate Service Stand Out

Being a Real Estate Agent is a competitive task, but AHS has some tips to help you stand out above your competition. Learn more here!

What Single Female Clients Need From You

Of all home buyers, single females make up 17% of this segment, with no signs of slowing down. Learn how you can best help your single female clients!

How AHS Can Help Agents Hold Successful Open Houses

An open hose is a great time to really show off your home. Find out how AHS can help you hold a successful open house.

AHS Door Hangers Can Help Open the Door to New Opportunities

Door hangers can be a productive way to reach new clients in all types of markets. AHS has created two eye-catching door hanger designs to add value to your listings.

How AHS Home Warranty Plans Benefit Sellers

One benefit of having an AHS Home Warranty Plan with the Seller Coverage option is that no payment is needed from the sellers until closing, when the warranty plan transfers to the buyers.

6 Ways Home Warranty Plans Can Help You And Your Clients

From winning more listings to building stronger relationships with your clients, a home warranty plan can help you and your clients in many ways.

How AHS Home Warranty Plans Benefit Real Estate Professionals

How AHS Home Warranty Plans Benefit Real Estate Professionals

How to Breathe New Life into Older Listings

Has your home been sitting on the market for some time? It can be frustrating, but don't dwell, AHS has the tips to help you refresh your listing!

7 Tips on How to Prepare for the 2019 Real Estate Market

What’s ahead for the real estate market in 2019? While there are many speculations of what may be to come, let AHS prepare you for the 2019 Real Estate Market.

What Kind of Home-buyer is a Millennial?

The Millennial generation is entering the real estate market in numbers way beyond than before. But when it comes to buying a home, how do they view the home buying process?

What is a Real Estate Home Warranty?

Do you know how to explain AHS home warranty coverage to your real estate clients? Let AHS help you and your clients understand the benefits of an AHS home warranty.

Who is American Home Shield?

American Home Shield is the nation’s leading, most chosen home warranty plan provider and the largest home warranty company in the nation. Learn more about how AHS can help you.

How AHS Home Warranty Plans Benefit Buyers

While American Home Shield® Home Warranty Plans provide valuable coverage for all types of homeowners and real estate transactions, there are special advantages for home buyers.

The Role of Big Data in Real Estate

In this article we will highlight how big data can help grow your business and enhance your real estate professional practices.

How Community Service Can Help Real Estate Professionals

Not only does it feel wonderful to work for a worthy cause, but it is also a great way to network with people who share a passion for the community. Here’s how to make the most of it.

6 Ways to Go Outside Your Comfort Zone for Real Estate Success

Stepping out of the comfort zone is an exercise that can help real estate professionals break that sales plateau and expand into techniques you may not have thought of before.

3 Ways Technology is Changing Real Estate

With tech-savvy Millennials and Generation Y representing the largest group of home buyers, it is important to stay on top of these swiftly evolving trends and learn how new tech can work for you.

3 Steps to Building Your Personal Brand in Real Estate

Personal branding is a marketing tool that aims to make you recognizable with visual elements and a unique voice. In this article you will learn about personal branding in real estate and three steps to help you build you own, strong personal brand.

3 Things That Make Senior Living Communities Stand Out

The demand for more senior housing tops the list of all residential segments. What is this market looking for and how can you meet the needs of this important and growing segment?

Never Dwell on Your Mistakes. Learn From Them.

We all make mistakes. Life moves so quickly that it’s easy to trip up. Even the most seasoned real estate professionals display errors in judgment from time to time.

How to Keep in Contact with Past Clients Without Becoming a Nuisance

Closing a transaction shouldn’t be the end of a client relationship. In fact, it should be the start of something more, something that will put you at the forefront of other real estate professionals — helping you become your client’s realtor for life. 

Closing Gifts That Keep on Giving

A gift after closing is a nice way to say thank-you to clients and build the relationship. But what if you could make that gift work harder to keep you top-of-mind for referrals and future real estate needs? Here are a few ways you can do just that.

8 Steps to Long-Term Success in Real Estate

No one ever said a career in real estate was easy. But the rewards can be great if you are up for the challenge. Do you have what it takes to stick with it and achieve long-term success? Follow these eight basic steps to help lay the groundwork for a long

Gen Z — the Next Wave of Consumer Game-Changers?

Generation Z, loosely defined as the generation born anywhere from 1995 or 1998 to 2016, is predicted to hit the post-college marketplace in much the same way as millennials — managing considerable debt. Yet simultaneously, they’re gaining traction as the

What the New Tax Reform Bill Means for Real Estate and the Housing Market

Starting on January 1, 2018, new tax laws went into effect across the country. Some of these are anticipated to impact the real estate market, specifically, real estate professionals and homeowners as well as buyers and sellers.

4 Money-Saving Tips for New Homeowners

Just bought a home? Here are four money saving every new homeowner should know: from spring maintenance items to DIY home improvements. Learn more here.

Benefits of CRM Platforms for Real Estate Professionals

One valuable resource that can help you manage and convert your leads into clients are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Here’s a look at just how real estate professionals can use CRMs to help grow their client rosters.

How to Handle Client Objections

Here is a step-by-step strategy to overcoming your clients' most-common objections.

Boomerang Buyers Should Be a Focus For Real Estate Professionals in 2018

Get to know boomerang buyers and find out how you can best help them by finding out what it is they most expect from you.

How Home Warranties Can Help With Low Inventory

Here are some tips on how a home warranty can help you and your clients during a low-inventory market.

Learn to Negotiate Like a Pro

Learn some of the building blocks of negotiation, and how leveraging tools like home warranty coverage can help you make it a win-win for everyone.

Hang on to Past Clients

Here are some reasons to maintain these connections and suggestions on how to make them stronger.

Is a Home Warranty on Rental Property Worth It?

Should landlords buy a home warranty for rental property? Learn the benefits of having protection for home systems and appliances for your rentals.

How to Create and Sustain a Successful Facebook Group

Here are some tips for busy agents looking to create a new Facebook group or enhance and grow an existing one.

How Pre-listing Inspections Can Help Your Business

Learn how this strategy can help make the selling process for your clients smoother and less stressful, translating to more sales for you.

Must-Have Tools Every Real Estate Professional Should Have on Hand (Especially on the Road)

Learn which tools can help carry you to success — from a vibrant online presence and abundant, accessible Internet file storage to the right mobile apps and more. 

Tips to Attract A-Buyers Who Are Qualified and Motivated

Often real estate professionals spend a lot of time and energy with clients who don’t end up in a transaction. But then along comes a buyer who is ready to go! This article provides a list of things you can do to attract the “A-Buyer.”

Inside the Mindset of Gen X Buyers

Not to be overshadowed by the recent focus on millennial and boomer homebuyers, Generation Xers are making something of a buying comeback in today’s real estate market. Here’s why this trend is significant.

Your Closing Funds May Be Heading to a Cybercriminal

Here are some ways to stay in the know to help protect you, your associates and your clients from this cyber scheme.

Can I Buy a Home Warranty After Closing?

Home warranties lessen repair costs, especially when homeowners insurance does not. Learn the pros and cons of buying a home warranty before or after closing.

Use Hyper-Targeted Marketing to Create Connections

Find out some tips to put hyper-targeted marketing to use in your agency.

Successfully Market Your Agency on Social Media

See which channels are the most effective for your business and learn best practices for getting measureable results from your social media investment.

Setting SMART Goals

Think of your goals as a roadmap to your success, and the smarter and more realistic they are, the more motivated you’ll be to achieve them.

Take Your Business to the Next Level — and Beyond — in 2017

Plenty of experts are willing to share their most successful (and often surprisingly simple) tips to help you attain — and maintain — the success you deserve and have worked so hard for.

Why More Buyers are Seeking "Surban" Living

No longer content with exclusively suburban experiences, more homebuyers living outside of cities are increasingly seeking communities with more urban-style amenities. Learn more about the move toward “surban” living.

Buyers: What’s Trending in 2017

A few key trends may hold the answers and provide some important insights for your business. For one, both millennials and baby boomers could be your biggest buyers.

For Sale: When and How to Sell a House

Thinking of putting your home on the market, but not sure how to start? Learn what buyers are looking for and what to consider before putting up that for sale sign!

While You’re on the Market Consider Seller's Coverage

When it comes to selling a home, offering a home warranty in the contract is an excellent way to entice buyers.

Building Business Through Text Messaging

Since you can't send texts to someone unless they consent, partnering with a bulk texting service provider helps make it easier.

How to Lead Your Real Estate Team to Success

Learn the secrets to managing a thriving and happy team, so you can achieve more together.

10 Must-Have Apps for Real Estate Professionals

We’re unveiling the top 10 apps for Real Estate Professionals in 2017.