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Tips for Preparing Your Kids for Back-to-School

It is about that time of year again. Time to start preparing not only your kids but yourself for the new school year. Here are some of the best tips to make sure you are ready.

Prepare kids for school

Summer vacation is in the rearview. July 4th has come and gone (with zero firework-related injuries). And camp is a sunscreen-scented memory. Now it’s time for that blissfully hectic sprint back-to-school. While it can be easy to become overwhelmed with lists for school supplies, give a quick glance at our helpful tips for getting your little ones ready to resume hitting the books!

Keep Reading!

Don’t let those reading muscles atrophy! Keep them stimulated by having them read throughout the summer. Take a trip to your local library; let them explore the aisles and pick out a stack of summer reading material.

Attend an Open House

Help allay any first day jitters by attending an open house. This is a great way to meet your child’s teacher and help them get a feel for their new location and routines.

Retail Therapy

Take the kids. You read that right – take the kids. Yes, sifting through back-to-school sales can be a bit maddening, but by bringing your kids along, you’re showing that you value their input. Also, you’re allowing them to express themselves through backpacks and clothes.

Celebrate Back-to-School

Throw a party - invite friends over for an opportunity to catch up on summer adventures in preparation for all-new school experiences. A little cake, punch and confetti can go a long way to helping kids come to grips with the end of summer vacation.

Organize Clothes

Get that closet whipped into shape. Time to donate those sizes that just don’t fit anymore, pitch those mismatched socks and resupply with all of those great new clothes. Streamline morning preparation by laying the closet out for quick and easy access to clothes for a range of weather and conditions.

Take a Little Time

As you’re heading into the final weeks, clear your calendar for a few special days with your children. No errands, no chores; just pure family quality time. This is also a great opportunity to comfort and reassure any anxious nerves. Help them focus on the promise of a fresh new start. Some loving hugs and a great attitude can go a long way towards lightening spirits.

Snack Time

As sure as the summer must come to an end, you can be certain that kids will come home from school hungry. Take a few moments to plan ahead and curb those pre-dinner appetites. Fresh fruit, veggies with hummus or the time-honored classic of peanut butter and crackers – they’re all great ways to keep your kids healthy, happy and still hungry for supper. Even better, let your kids help select an afterschool snack menu so you know what items to stock up on at the grocery store.

Sweet Reminders

The lunch box note can be a great way to serve up a little hug in the middle of their school day. While some parents will go the extra mile with carefully crafted cards, don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a sweet handwritten note. Glitter and construction paper can’t compete with sincerity.  

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