Transition the Inside of Your Home from Winter to Spring

Time to turn the inside of your home from a cozy winter holiday spot to a spring time showroom. As you prepare for spring cleaning use these tips to transition the inside of your house from winter to spring.

Transition your home by spring cleaning

You made it through another cold winter and the weather is starting to warm up. Spring is coming and it's time to spruce up your home decor to match the season.

Your home is more than just a place you live. It should be a place where you feel comfortable and taking the time to decorate your home can even have positive psychological and physical benefits.

Ready to decorate your home for the spring?

Here are some tips to transition your home from winter to spring.

Start With a Good Spring Cleaning

Before decorating your house, start off with a good spring cleaning.

The first thing you should do is start removing clutter from each room. Look for papers, books and other items that you aren't using and file or store them away. Throw away any trash or items that you don't think you'll need again.

Take down any winter decorations and put them away. Cleaning will be easier once you remove all the clutter from your home.

Vacuum the carpet floors and sweep and mop any tile or hardwood floors. Getting rid of dust and dirt will improve their air quality in your home and make your floors look clean.

You can also use the vacuum cleaner to clean upholstered furniture, like couches.

Get some cloth rags and sponges to dust off shelves, furniture and tables. Use soapy water or household cleaners to get the job done. Wipe down all appliances (like your refrigerator, stove and washer and dryer) thoroughly as well to clean them off.

Finally, use some window cleaner to clean off mirrors in the bathrooms and other areas around the house. Wipe down the windows as well so that they are sparkling clean.

Once you are done with spring cleaning, you are ready to put up some spring decor.

Bring in Some Plants

Potting plants for spring

Bringing in some potted plants can be a great way to enhance a home's appearance and bring people closer to nature.

Small potted plants can make great centerpieces for tables in the dining or living room. Larger potted plants can also serve as good standalone decorations around the edges of the room.

Serious plant lovers can even place potted plants on shelves. Mixing plant sizes can give a more casual appearance, so feel free to place smaller plants in groups around larger plants.

Hanging plants can give rooms an exotic appearance. Plants can be hung around windows where they will receive natural sunlight.

Plants also have additional benefits, like improving air quality in your home. Plants give off oxygen and reduce carbon dioxide levels. They can also reduce the amount of dust and airborne toxins like benzene and nitrogen dioxide.

Another benefit of placing plants around your home is that they give off humidity. 97% of the water they absorb is excreted back into the air, which can prevent your skin from drying out and also mitigate other respiratory issues.

Finally, research has shown that having plants inside a building can make people happier, reduce anxiety and make people more productive.

Use Bright Colored Curtains

Replace your dark curtains with bright colored curtains. Neutral colors like gray can be good during the winter to neutralize festive colors like red and green during Christmas. But once winter is over, bright colors can be a good way to welcome the spring season.

Psychology also shows that bright colors like white and yellow can make people feel clean and happy.

You can also match the bed sheets in your bedroom to your new curtains for a more uniform appearance.

Add Some Spring Decorations to the Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the smaller rooms in the house, so starting here can be a great way to quickly transition your home into the spring season.

Adding a small bowl of potpourri on top of the sink or on the back of the toilet bowl can be a good way to freshen the air in the bathroom while adding a decorative touch. Another popular option to give your bathroom a spring feel is to use decorative or scented candles.

Replace your bathtub curtain with a curtain that has a lighter color or even a floral design. Use light colored towels to complement the curtains and surrounding decor. 

Using bright colors in the bathroom will make it feel cleaner and fresher.

Spruce Up the Kitchen

The kitchen is another great room to focus on to give your home a spring fresh feel.

Gather or purchase some fresh flowers and place them in a vase. The flowers can be placed near a window or by the sink. You can also choose to use fake flowers or greenery if you don't want to maintain a live plant.

Use bright colored hand towels to hang on the stove. You can also add bright colored soap dispensers and other items around the kitchen.

Seasonal decorations can also be useful for kitchen decorating. For example, a ceramic bunny rabbit cookie jar could be a great decoration for Easter, and you can use it to hold kitchen utensils or store other items.

Welcome the Spring Season With a Little Home Decorating

Decorating your home for the spring can be a fun task and a great way to welcome the warmer weather and spring season. Use your creativity and a spring maintenance checklist, and in no time, your home will be ready for spring!

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