Tiny Bathroom? Tiny Budget? No Problem.

If you have a tiny bathroom and don't know how to make your space come alive. Organize your intimate space with these simple and practical organization and decor tips. 
tiny bathroom

If you think you’re stuck with the clutter and inconvenience of a tiny bathroom just because you have a tiny budget, too, we’ve got good news for you.  Even if you can’t afford to knock out all your bathroom fixtures and replace expensive bathroom plumbing, there are some affordable, easy changes that you can make to help your small bath seem larger, better organized and more accommodating.  Take a look at some of these big ideas for small bathrooms and see which ones make sense for your space. With a little creativity, your baby bath can take a giant leap in appearance and practicality.

Hooks are your friends, and the more in a tiny bath, the better.  Sometimes small bathrooms don’t have room for enough towel bars, and hooks can be a good substitute. Add some to the back of doors for hanging of wet towels and robes.  Hooks on the inside doors of cabinets provide places to hang jewelry, combs, headbands, cosmetic bags and even toothbrushes.  Decorative hooks on walls can also be convenient places to hang clothes while bathing or showering.  Install hooks or rings by the sink for hand towels. 

  • Make your bathroom look larger by raising the shower curtain.  Buy a longer one and raise the rod to the top of the ceiling.  This will draw your eye upward and make the ceiling appear higher, giving the illusion of more space in the room.
  • Add a big mirror.  Just because your bath space is small doesn’t mean the mirror has to be, too.  A mirror can make the room look bigger and reflects light, too, which is needed in a small space.  It’s also a practical addition for grooming. 
  • Choose the right lighting.  You may not have the space for sconces or lamps, so consider recessed ceiling lighting or track lighting.  If all you have is a single ceiling light, scour second-hand and antique stores for a chandelier to scale.  A dimmer switch is always a useful bathroom feature, particularly for those early mornings when your eyes just can’t handle a bright light assault.
  • Collect baskets in all shapes and sizes.  Use larger baskets for storing rolled-up, color coordinated towels and wash cloths. If counter space is limited, simply set the towel baskets on the floor.  Smaller and medium-sized baskets can be used in drawers and cabinets to organize hair accessories, soap, makeup, medicines, toiletries and small quantities of cleaning supplies.
  • Convert an old ladder into a vertical towel rack.  In addition to adding space for hanging towels, the long ladder will make the room appear larger without taking up much space.  Paint or stain the ladder to coordinate with your bathroom’s décor and color palette. 
  • Use all available cabinet space by installing sliding drawers or add an extra shelf inside the cabinet to make use of the upper area, too. Visit your local home improvement store for different options that you can install yourself. You can even use a lazy Susan to help make the most of small cabinets. 

To decorate a small bathroom, lighter paint colors are generally best.  Try painting the walls, cabinets and woodwork in the same light or neutral shades. Also, be sure to use shower curtain, window treatments, rug or decorative items for a coordinating pop of color and personality.  Use satin or semi-gloss paint finishes that can withstand moisture, rubbing and that are mildew-resistant.  

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