Storage Solutions: 7 Ways to Maximize Space

Not enough storage space in your home? It’s an all too common problem. Here are some creative ways to maximize your square footage and stay organized in every room.

Storage space is a valuable commodity. Here are some storage ideas for how to maximize yours!

Storage bins


1. Begin with Basic Bins

Whatever room you’re in can be decluttered with basic bins. Garage storage gets a big boost from plastic stackables, but for something more stylish in higher-traffic areas like the living room and kitchen, consider re-facing plainer containers like shoeboxes and berry bins with attractive wrapping paper.

Organized closet


2. Clean Up the Closets

Organizing closets is an exercise in creative problem solving.

Tangled up tank tops? Arrange them neatly on a tie hanger.

So many scarves?

Tuck them through shower curtain rings attached to a single hanger.

Tall boots? Clip them onto pants hangers. Give these home storage solutions a try and see what others you can discover.

Shelf storage


3. Shelves = Surfaces

Create floating storage by installing shelves on empty walls. They’re the perfect place for those DIY bins you made earlier!

Electronics storage


4. Electronic Extras

How many remote controls does it take to change the channel? Sometimes five. Consider Velcro for better remote management—it works for your game controllers, too!

Laundry storage


5. Laundry Unlimited

Pre-sort your loads as you use them by labeling laundry baskets stored in your laundry room. An old bookshelf or dresser can fit the bill, just put the baskets on the tracks and your laundry will be ready to go in when you’re ready get around to it!

Spices storage


6. Spice It Up

Reimagine your spice rack: magnetic stripping under your upper kitchen cabinets can hold repurposed baby food jars or candle jars filled with your favorite flavorings.

label maker

7. The Secret to Success

You’ve probably guessed it: a label maker. Listen. Everybody loves a label maker. It’s like a toy with a purpose. And nothing helps guilt people into doing the right thing like labeling exactly where the right things belong.

Now that you have a few new storage solutions up your sleeve, it's time to get to it. Happy organizing!


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