Neutrals, Wicker Among Fall Trends To Follow

What’s hot in home decor for fall? Bold lights and wicker furniture, to name a few. There's plenty to dabble into this season.
Green Bedroom Furniture in Front of Gray Wall

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Neautral Bed Frame and Bed in Front of Gray Wall

1. Grey is the neutral to watch. This year’s “neutral of the moment” seems to be warm-toned greys with yellow or reddish undertones. If you’re bored with off-white carpets or walls, moving to grey is a simple switch. If your grey is a little cooler, warm it up with gold or brass accents.

Teal Vanity and Chair with Horizontal Line Wallpaper

2. Wallpaper is making a comeback, but it’s not your grandmother’s overpowering floral. Instead, homeowners are wallpapering only one wall in a room for a fun pop of visual interest. Try geometric or tribal wallpapers for an up-to-the-moment look.

indoor Wicker Furniture Next to Ficus

3. Outdoor furniture is moving indoors. More and more furniture manufacturers are creating outdoor-esque pieces that actually belong inside. That means your wicker deck chairs might do just as well indoors—and they’ll get less dirty. Bonus points: outdoor furniture is made to withstand the elements, so it’s easy to wipe clean and very difficult to ruin. Bring on the kids, pets, and dinner parties!

Kitchen with Beautiful Light Fixtures and Spotlights

4. Light fixtures are anything but basic. They don’t just help you see. Lamps and light fixtures can add incredible style to a room. This fall, look for industrial pieces in brass, silver, and gold—and don’t be afraid to go bold.

A Wood Finish Being Painted Green

5. An unattractive wood finish is no longer a dealbreaker. Ever see a beautiful dresser or headboard at a flea market, but couldn’t get past the ugly, dated finish? Have no fear: “upcycling,” or repurposing old pieces of furniture into modern, high-quality ones, continues to rule the decorating world. This year, brightly re-painted furniture is especially hot—so strip the nineties gloss of that old dresser and give it a colorful makeover!


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