Create a Beautiful DIY Fall Wreath Using ... Coffee Filters!

Creating your own custom fall wreath is fun, inexpensive and simple. Follow our easy tutorial to make and decorate your personalized version using coffee filters.

Coffee filter wreath

If you’d like a custom fall wreath for your front door but think that you aren’t creative or crafty enough to make one yourself, here’s a project that might change your mind. This simple do-it-yourself fall wreath is inexpensive and easy enough for anyone to tackle, even beginners. Best of all, you can customize it with your own seasonal touches.

What You'll Need:

  • A foam or straw wreath form in a size that fits your door
  • Natural coffee filters or recycled paper coffee filters (one or two packs, depending on the size of your wreath)
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Ribbon or other fall decorations

Coffee wreath supplies

How To Make A Coffee Filter Wreath

Have you ever seen those fluffy, white holiday wreaths made out of coffee filters? To make a fall version, use brown coffee filters that are natural or made from recycled paper for a more autumnal color palette.

Step 1. To get started, first take each coffee filter and fold it in half in the shape of a fan.

Wreath coffee filter fold

Step 2. Begin to loosely roll until it begins to take the shape of a rose. You want to make sure all edges are even across the top of the roll. 

Note: You'll need to create a lot of these if you want a fuller wreath. 75-100 should suffice.

Coffee wreath filters rolled

Many rolled filters for wreath

3. Fold the pointed end of each filter

Folded corner of filter

Step 4. Carefully, hot glue the end to the wreath form.

Hot glue coffee filters

Step 5. Continue doing this on the front and sides of the wreath form until your wreath is as full and fluffy as you desire.

Filters on wreath form

Let the glue dry completely before moving the wreath and don't worry about perfection -  that's the beauty of DIY. Make it your own!

Decorate Your Coffee Filter Wreath

To embellish your coffee filter wreath, let your imagination and creativity flow.  We used a few accessories to bring out the American Home Shield® flair but here are a few ideas to get you started:

Coffee wreath accessories

  • Add a bow made from ribbon in autumn hues or burlap ribbon (use orange and black ribbon for a Halloween theme)
  • Glue some pine cones at the top or around the wreath
  • Sprinkle in some real or artificial autumn leaves
  • Add some lettering spelling “Boo!” or “Happy Fall” in the center
  • Personalize the wreath with your family name or initials
  • Hang a small chalkboard in the center with a festive fall message
  • Thread in some orange, brown, gold, and dark green pom-poms
  • Give the wreath a Thanksgiving twist with the addition of a small cornucopia in the center

Fall wreaths make great gifts for friends and neighbors or for housewarming celebrations. As long as you carefully supervise the hot glue gun use (or do that part yourself), kids can help with the project by preparing the filters and decorating the wreath. In addition to ending up with a festive fall decoration, you’ll have a fun family project to kick off the autumn season! 

What's your favorite DIY fall craft? Let us know and share pictures on our AHS Facebook page

Coffee wreath final AHS

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