Keys to an Awesome Living Room Makeover

Living room remodels and makeovers are crucial to keeping your favorite room looking good. These ideas will give you the inspiration you need.

A living room remodel can be a daunting task. This room can provide a lot of use, and it’s hard to imagine not being able to utilize it while it experiences some upgrades. That being said, a living room makeover is crucial for keeping this favorite room functional, stylish and modern. Here are the key components to focus on:



Living room with entertainment center

As you get inspired for your upgrade, consider the main purpose of your living room. In many homes, the family room houses the TV and related electronics or media. If that's the case for you, here are some living room remodel ideas you need to consider as you plan your redesign:

TV. These days you can find televisions in all shapes and sizes, so choose one that works best for your space and meets your viewing needs. Mount a TV on the wall to maximize surface space, and do your best to hide adjoining boxes and cables for a clutter-free look.

Music. A media station isn’t complete without a killer audio system. Place the system’s control panel with the rest of your electronics, and scatter the speakers around the room for optimal acoustics. You can maximize your space by getting the speakers up and out of the way or having them installed in the corners of your room, near the ceiling. Save even more space by harnessing the power of Bluetooth and wireless technology thanks to systems from Bose and Sonos.

Charging station. Centralize your electronics by incorporating a charging station into your living room's media hub. This is an especially useful component to have in the living room, so the room can act as a one stop shop for all things "media".

While these are important components for your room, keep in mind that there are plenty of ways to disguise electronics so your family room doesn't end up looking like an over occupied space. If you’re doing a total renovation of your family room, consider installing wall panels in which you can hide your devices and cords. For a smaller-scale refresh, a sleek cabinet that fits all your media-related items will help you achieve the same goal.

Even if a television and technological elements don’t factor into your family room plan, well-designed cabinets with plenty of storage space are a must-have. Built-in or moveable cabinetry is perfect for housing books, board games or a trinket collection.



Modern living room

There are countless designs to choose from when it comes to remodeling your family room. But while the design world is full of inspiration, don’t stray too far from the architectural style of your home and the aesthetic of your existing furniture. Not only will this help you save money repurposing what you already have, but it will also help you create a visually cohesive space. Here are a few stylish living room makeover ideas to keep in mind:

Fireplace.Fireplaces aren't just useful in the fall. They can lend themselves as a focal design piece offering a cozy feel in any space. Since a fireplace is not a quick and easy DIY install, talk the idea over with a contractor to see if the addition or renovation is feasible for your home.

Curtains. For a living room that houses a media system, curtains are a necessity (imagine watching a movie on a sunny Saturday afternoon without them). Match valances or window scarfs with the subtle trim on your decorative pillows, or use them as an opportunity to add a pop of color. Motorized drapes can be installed for an ultra-luxurious addition.

Furniture. As you remodel your den or living room, take the time to sort through your existing furniture and decide what you want to keep and what needs to be re-homed. Pick and choose based on the intention of your new style. A well-designed living room should have a cohesive color scheme and a complementary combination of furniture. Feel free to mix old and new furniture for dynamic qualities.

Accessories. The last piece of the puzzle is a selection of thoughtfully chosen accessories. Rugs, pillows and lamps can offer a great way to introduce color, patterns and texture. While furniture is more of an investment, accessories allow you the opportunity to play around with design without breaking the bank.

As you renovate your living room, think about giving the space purpose while adding style. A thoughtful approach to the new design will give you a space that fits your home aesthetically and functionally.


Keys to an awesome living room makeover


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