What You Need to Know When Hiring a Bathroom Remodeler

Time to remodel your bathroom? You might be looking to hire a professional. These tips can help you make sure you hire the right person for the job. Learn what to look for when hiring a bathroom remodeler.

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A bathroom remodel can boost your property value and make your home much more comfortable to live in. But just as with any other kind of home renovation, you need to know what to look for in a bathroom remodeler before you commit. Hiring the wrong contractor can end up costing you much more in the long run and can easily make your bathroom remodel more trouble than it’s worth. Here’s what you need to know to make sure you get the right person the first time.

Get Multiple Quotes

When you’re hiring a contractor to do work in your home, you should get quotes from multiple companies. Ask for pricing from at least three bathroom remodelers. Keep in mind that not all will do design work; while some will be happy to help you design your new bathroom, others will expect you to arrive with plans for your new space in hand. You may need to start the process by working with a designer to plan your new bathroom. However, many contractors work with designers who help customers develop plans, including bathroom shower and tile design ideas. 

A reputable contractor will need to see your bathroom and your design ideas in order to give you an accurate quote. A good quote will lay out the scope of the project, including details about what materials will be needed and what work will be done.

Check Licensing

Most states require licensing for contractors, and you should avoid hiring any unlicensed contractors. Bathroom remodelers may or may not be required to carry licensing in your state, however, and they may vary from other contractors in this regard. Check if bathroom remodeling companies are required to be licensed in your state and verify that any contractors you’re thinking of hiring are properly licensed.

Some bathroom contractors may pursue additional certifications in areas relevant to their specialty, such as plumbing or tiling. In addition to licensing, contractors should carry liability insurance and should be bonded, which means that they are legally required to complete work correctly and on time. Do not hire a bathroom remodeler who is not licensed and bonded.

Read Reviews

Checking your potential contractor’s licensing can let you know whether the company is legitimate, but it can’t tell you much about what other customers thought of the quality of the work they performed. Check online reviews to find out if previous customers have been happy with the company’s work. Most companies will garner a few negative reviews, but the majority of online reviews should be positive.

In addition to reading reviews, ask for references that can show you examples of the contractor’s completed work. If you can, view some previously completed work to gauge the quality of the contractor’s finished product.

Establish a Timeline

While things may come up in the course of a bathroom remodeling job that could change the timeline for completion, a reputable bathroom remodeler should be able to give you an estimate of how long the work will take. You don’t want contractors traipsing in and out of your home for months on end, so develop a timeline that works for you and hold your contractor to it. Collaborate with your contractor to make sure that their work is compatible with your daily schedule. Ask your contractor to set project milestones to keep his or her team on track for timely completion. Insist on a clearly written, thorough contract to protect against misunderstandings, missed milestones and forgotten or overlooked details.

Stay in Communication

You’ll want to stay in contact with your bathroom remodeler throughout the process, even outside of normal business hours. Keep in mind that if you notice problems with the work, it will most likely be after you get home at night or on the weekend, when your contractor’s team isn’t there. Make sure you have multiple ways to contact your bathroom remodeling team. Because contractors are notoriously difficult to reach by phone, set up other options, such as text or email, so you can get in touch with your contractor even if he or she isn’t answering the phone.

Whether you’re doing a complete, ground-up bathroom remodel or just putting in a few new fixtures, you need to hire a contractor who will do the job right. Once the job is complete, be sure to protect the plumbing in your bathroom with a home warranty from American Home Shield®. Enjoy your newly remodeled space without the stress of worrying about high, unexpected repair costs. 

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