Give Your Shower Head a Makeover

If you don't have the money or time to invest in a bathroom remodel, you can update your bathroom by simply changing your shower head. The options are endless.

Shower head design

If your bathroom could use a makeover, but your budget and schedule can’t accommodate one right now, think about changing your shower head instead.  A new shower head can turn a mundane morning routine into a spa experience while saving energy in the process by reducing your water usage.  Today’s shower heads come in a wide range of functions, sizes, and prices.  Find the right one for your shower with these useful tips:

  • Install a low-flow shower head for energy efficiency.  According to, a 10-minute shower can actually use less water than a full bath.  In fact, with a low-flow shower head that uses 2.5 gallons per minute, a shower can save five gallons of water when compared to a typical bath.  In addition to conserving water, a new energy-efficient shower head can save your household up to $145 a year on electricity.
  • Pay attention to installation requirements as you consider different options.  Make sure the shower head you choose can be used with your current plumbing configuration, or take into account additional costs associated with modifications that may be necessary.
  • Low-flow shower heads come in two types,: aerating and laminar-flow.  Aerating heads combine air and water for a misty spray, while laminar heads have streams of water.  Choose the type of spray you’re most comfortable using. 
  • If you and other members of your household can’t agree on what type of shower head to install, look for a model with adjustable settings.  That way, each person can choose the spray pattern and force they like best. When looking at adjustable shower heads, remember to consider how easy it is to change settings.  Struggling with a difficult adjustment while your hands are soapy and slippery can be cumbersome.
  • Hand-held shower heads allow you to remove the shower head from the wall and move it closer to your body as you shower.  Children often enjoy these as sometimes the shower head is too high for their comfort.  Hand-held shower heads are also convenient for washing pets. 
  • Rain shower heads are very popular today.  Bigger than conventional models, these shower heads are usually mounted directly above and provide a wider spray.  Many people find rain shower heads to be more relaxing than direct spray heads.
  • sliding bar shower head moves up and down on a wall-mounted base to let the user adjust the height of the spray.  This type of shower head can be convenient if the bathroom is used by more than one person, or in a guest bath that will be used by many different people of varying heights.
  • Shower towers or shower panels use several shower heads, pressures, and spray options.  These are regulated by the Department of Energy with water usage guidelines, so you may not be able to turn on all the features at once.  Additional costs to retrofit your shower to accommodate these systems may also be required.

These are just some of the shower head options available today, so shop around and see what works best for your bathroom. There are also lighted shower heads and models with built-in wireless speakers.  With a little research, you can find the right accessory to transform your bathroom and even to help you sound better as you sing in the shower.  

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