Create a Minimalist Space That Transitions With the Season

When switching decor between seasons, the simplest approach may be best. But did you know simplicity doesn't mean boring? With nature as muse, simple is stylish.

minimalist decor ideas

As summer fades into fall and your schedule begins to become more hectic, having a living room that allows you to focus on the here and now — instead of the clutter — is a welcome relief. This is especially true if you find yourself gravitating toward the simplicity of Scandinavian and nature-inspired designs. A minimalist space doesn’t equal a boring space, though. In fact, incorporating textures, wood, metallics and a bold accent color among the neutral colors and simple surroundings is the way to go to create the perfect minimalist space. Better yet? These accents can easily stick around through the seasonal change.

Textures Add Depth

A sofa with long, lean lines and minimal cushioning paired with a simple chair or two screams “minimalist space.” But that doesn’t mean these pieces have to be part of a matching set made of the same material. In fact, mixing and matching comfortable fabrics for the furniture and pillows and adding a rug that’s soft underfoot will not only provide an inviting touch to the room; it will also add depth and uniqueness to the space without adding clutter. You’ll be extra appreciative of that comfort when the days start to get a little cooler in the near future.

texture ideas for decor

Wood Brings Nature In

Natural wood furniture is popular in any season, so it certainly works for the transition from summer to fall. And the best part? It makes more of a statement with minimal accessories adorning it. Take a wooden minimalist coffee table, for example. The natural character of the piece speaks for itself. There’s no need to cover up that character with stacks of remotes, magazines or unnecessary knickknacks.

wood decor ideas

Metallics Add Flare

Want to add a touch of pizzazz to your living room, but you’re not quite sure how to keep it simple? It’s easy: Add metallic accessories that serve a practical purpose. For example, if you add a gold lamp, you won’t be adding unnecessary clutter, since the lamp will be a useful addition. And gold, in particular, symbolizes the warmth of summer and the excitement of the upcoming holiday season — perfect for the transition from summer to fall. 

metallic decor ideas

Bold Accents Are Eye-Catching

Minimalist spaces are easily recognizable by their sparsely covered, neutral-colored walls and furniture. But that doesn’t mean you don’t see “pops” of color throughout the spaces, as well. Colors such as yellow, orange and red are the perfect summer-to-fall transition colors. In fact, feel free to switch your accents out to complement the changing leaves outside as the season changes. Better yet, consider incorporating colorful plants or bouquets that reflect the changing foliage outside, to further your minimalist nature-inspired design.

bold accents and decor ideas

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