Awesome Outdoor Lighting for Summer Nights

Every yard has the potential to be a place of summer evening splendor with the right lighting setup. Here are a few amazing setups to provide bright ideas for landscape lighting

DIY Tin Can Lanterns

For a bohemian look in the backyard, take your tin cans and turn them into an amazing set of lanterns. The steps are simple. Fill a tin can of any size with water, freeze it then use a hammer and nail to carefully punch in a design. Feel free to paint the cans if you’d like, then place a candle inside and set the mood on your patio table.

Next Level Luminaries

These days, luminaries can be more than just white paper bags filled with sand and a candle. Take these spherical floats and free standing teardrops. Both provide amazing mood lighting and, with their attractive shapes, make a statement that goes far beyond your neighbor’s tired, old Tiki torches.

Retro Light Bulbs 

Take your backyard back to the industrial age with huge retro light bulbs. Their funky glowing filaments bring a warm glow to any backyard barbecue, as well as hints of old timey elegance. They’re all the rage in restaurants right now and bring the hip, urban feel of an up-and-coming area right to your patio.

Fully Lit Furniture

Get the cool look of an outdoor Miami lounge with patio furniture that’s actually lit on the underside. The cool purple tones make the ground glow and the drinks glisten. It’s a deck designed for VIPs.

Amazing Arched LEDs

The LED revolution in lighting has led to huge advances in the form lights can take. One great example is these innovative arches. Place them around an outdoor dinner table or just have them hovering on the edges of the yard. In the dark, they’ll appear to be floating arcs of light.

Jar of Fireflies Lamp

What says summer vacation more than a jar of fireflies? Instead of trapping a bunch of bugs, why not get the same effect in a rechargeable solar lamp that’s perfect for any tabletop? This clever light looks like a mason jar but replaces the temporary light of fireflies with permanent glow of round LEDs.

Cupcake Light Creations

How do you take a regular old string of outdoor hanging lights from basic to something truly special? Easy, repurpose a common baker’s item – the cupcake liner. With the cupcake craze in full swing, there’s no shortage of fun designs to light up the yard with.

Build a Fire From Sticks Of Light

The Nomad Light Fire uses cubes and sticks of light to create a novel way to illuminate the backyard. The sticks are arranged like logs on a fire, while the cubes act like embers that can be placed on tables or anywhere else you want to enhance the mood.

From otherworldly to down to earth, these lighting inspirations are made to spice up the otherwise dull and boring backyards of a typical summer. Find the perfect illumination to make the balmy summer nights glow with something extra special.

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