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Money-Saving Tips for Maintaining Your Pool

Spend less money on your pool and more money having fun by putting your pool on a budget. You live on a budget, why shouldn’t your pool?
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Visiting a friend's pool for a barbeque or backyard party is always fun, but when you own one yourself, you realize how much time and money goes into maintaining a swimming pool. Make this the year that you put your pool on a budget—you'll spend less on maintenance, and you'll enjoy your pool more. Start by implementing these tips from the California Swimming Pool Industry Energy Conservation Task Force.

1. Running Your Pool Filter

Pool pumps use a significant amount of electricity. You can enjoy clean water and smaller electric bills by limiting the amount of time that your pool pump runs. In most cases, four hours per day is enough to maintain optimal water quality. If the water looks cloudy, increase filtration times by 30 minutes until you find the right balance. This can cut your pool's energy consumption by 60 percent. You can also save money and protect your local electric grid by running your pump before noon or after 9pm. .

2. Cleaning Your Pool

If you dread cleaning the pool by hand and want to avoid the expense of hiring a professional, have your automatic vacuum do the work. For best results, attach the vacuum hose after the pump has been on for 15 minutes, and disconnect it 15 minutes before the scheduled filtration period ends. You can help your vacuum work better by skimming leaves regularly and brushing the walls by hand. Clean the skimmer basket frequently to improve efficiency..

3. Heating Your Pool

Using a pool cover or solar blanket is the most effective way to heat your pool without using energy. A cover will also reduce evaporation rates. If you already have a pool heater that you're happy with, try turning it off if you're going on vacation or know that the pool won't be used during the week..

4. Testing Your Pool Water

Keeping up with maintenance and testing your water regularly are two of the best ways to control pool expenses. According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, it's best to keep free chlorine levels between two and four parts per million. Remember to shock your pool once per week or whenever a strong chlorine smell is noticeable. Always apply shock treatments at night to minimize chlorine loss and ensure that they have time to breakdown the chloramines that have already reacted with organic materials. Also, ask your local pool store to check your cyanuric acid levels. This stabilizer protects chlorine, which saves you money..

5. Saving Water

If you live in an area that has a large amount of minerals and metals in the water, you know that topping off your pool with the hose is a major chore. Using a pool cover can prevent nearly 1,000 gallons of water from evaporating each month. If water levels do fall, you don't need to refill the pool immediately. One of the good things is that less water will be splashed on the pool deck. Just make sure that the water is always above the skimmer weir. Asking swimmers and guests to reduce splashing can also help save water. Finally, you can lower your water bill by sweeping around the pool instead of using a hose..

These simple tips can lower your utility bills, make space in your budget and protect the environment. Spending less on maintenance and energy is the best way to get more from your pool. You may actually even look forward to pool season!.

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