Maximize Your Swimming Pool's Efficiency

Your own backyard pool can be a refreshing oasis during those hot summer months. Most people believe pools are not only time consuming to maintain, but expensive, as well. But by following a few easy tips, you can enjoy your pool all year long and substantially reduce your energy costs and maintenance efforts.

Reduce filter time: During the summer months, your filter should operate no fewer than four hours per day. In the winter, you should run your filter for two to three hours. By managing your filter time, you can reduce your pool’s yearly electricity consumption by 40% to 50%.

Trim back your trees: By properly maintaining any trees and bushes that sit near your pool, you can greatly reduce the amount of pollen, leaves and blossoms that end up in your pool. With less debris in your pool, you can spend less time skimming your pool and more time relaxing.

Invest in a pool cover: Your pool’s water level could evaporate by as much as 50% in one year without a swimming pool cover. An 18’x36’ pool loses about one inch of water per week during the summertime. Over a year’s time, this evaporation can add up to 7,000 gallons of water loss.

Winter pool maintenance: During the winter months, when your pool isn’t being used, it’s important to be certain your pool stays healthy. To prevent residual pool water from freezing in the pipes, blow water out of the pool’s plumbing at the end of each summer using an air compressor. It’s also a good idea to drain water from the filter and heater before going into the winter months.

Whether you had your pool installed yourself or you moved into a home with one, you deserve to enjoy your pool to the fullest. By following the tips above, you will save both time and money, and you’ll be able to relax knowing your pool is running as efficiently as possible.

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