Best Summer Sales

Summer is the time for R&R, but if you’re a value-conscious shopper, you never take a break from finding the best deal. With these tips, you can score some great items on the cheap. Check them out and enjoy the savings!

Retailers are always looking ahead to the next season, so they’ll start discounting items to move inventory and make room for fall stock. Expect to find great deals on seasonally related items and even on some big-ticket items, but don’t expect the sales to last!

1. Furniture
Many of the furniture trade shows take place in April, so new styles start filling showrooms in August. Look for retailers to try to clear out old inventory by reducing prices and running sales.

2. Outdoor Home Goods
Patio sets, grills, outdoor rugs and swing sets take a price plunge with retailers offering significant summer savings, so stock up!

3. Summer Clothes
You’ll get some of the hottest bargains in this category. Retailers need to make room for fall stock, so they offer drastic reductions.

4. Sporting Goods
Been eyeing a canoe or yearning for a new bike? You’re likely to get them for less and could save some significant cash.

5. Home Décor
Summer is a popular season for weddings, and people need to shop for gifts. That generates traffic and sales for home décor retailers. Look for table linens, dinnerware and décor to be on sale.

6. Jewelry
With Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day behind them, jewelers are facing a long, dry spell. They’re desperate to get you into the store, so they discount, hoping you’ll buy a diamond to go with those earrings.

7. Tools
Retailers load up on tools for Father’s Day and often get stuck with lots of leftovers. To generate sales, they discount. But don’t expect to get pricey power tools for less, you’ll generally have to wait until November for that.

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