3 Tips for Heating Your Home Efficiently

1. Check Your Air Filter Monthly

Keep a close eye on your air filter, especially during the winter and summer when your system is working its hardest—and never go more than three months without changing filters. By sticking to regular check-ups and changes, you can prevent a dirty filter from slowing down your airflow and putting added strain on your system. When a filter is clogged, it makes everything work harder and use much more energy. A clean filter can help avoid problems that come along with dust and dirt build up, like reducing system failures or the need for costly professional maintenance. When it’s time to replace your filters, visit ahs.com/filters.

2. Install a Programmable Thermostat

This is an ideal investment for those who are not home during scheduled times of the day. Since you only need a comfortable temperature in the house while you’re there, set the thermostat at a moderate temperature while you’re gone and program it to turn on no more than 30 minutes before you return. By the time you’re back, the air will be where you like it and you’ve lowered your energy expenses, too. But beware: installing a thermostat near a draft or heating vent can result in inaccurate readings, causing your system to work harder, or not turn on at all.

3. Use Drapes for Insulation

In addition to being decorative, both drapes and blinds can be used to retain or block heat from your home. During sunny days, open them up to let sunlight in, especially on the south side of your home. During the night, be sure to keep them closed to prevent heat from leaving through your windowpane. If you want to go a step further, manufacturers offer drapes that are specially made for insulating your windows to add protection and energy efficiency.

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