7 Common Habits of Successful Real Estate Agents

What do many successful real estate professionals have in common? They often share the same habits and characteristics that aid them in becoming top performers. If you’re a new agent or even an experienced agent who is looking to increase sales, consider some of these common practices that can contribute to success in the real estate field.

Successful Agent

1. They don’t procrastinate.

Effective agents know that time is of the essence in real estate deals, so they respond promptly to requests and don’t put off until tomorrow things that can be accomplished today. They handle tasks and problems right away, which frees them to serve  their clients and close deals. 

2. They have strong communication skills.

Successful agents know how to communicate with clients, colleagues, and suppliers. They know when text messages and emails are appropriate and when information is better delivered via a phone call or in person, and they strive to always keep a positive tone. Agents with good interpersonal and communication skills can build relationships easily and can get things accomplished efficiently.

3. They have good time management skills.

A busy agent’s to-do list can be daunting. By necessity, in-demand agents learn how to make the best use of their time in order to accomplish everything that must be done each day. They minimize, eliminate, or delegate things that can drain their time and they focus on prioritizing the things that move deals along and that give them the biggest return for their efforts.

4. They stay in touch with their clients.

Top agents understand that real estate is a relationship-driven business. Building solid client relationships fosters trust and loyalty as well as referrals and repeat business. That’s why they make the effort to stay in touch with their clients, and their families, long after transactions close.  

5. They keep up with local market and industry trends.

Staying prepared means keeping up with the latest reports and understanding property values, interest rates, and market fluctuations. Being able to absorb and analyze these numbers helps agents guide their clients with confidence. Afterall, clients look to their agents for expert advice, and successful agents know that doing their homework is important.

6. They find joy in their jobs.

Most successful real estate agents truly enjoy their jobs. They derive satisfaction from helping people and they find the transaction process rewarding.  You’ve likely noticed that many top agents exude positive energy and enthusiasm for their work and clients.

7. They protect their clients’ best interests.   

Real estate professionals build a substantial client base largely by putting their clients’ needs first. They advocate for their buyers and sellers, and they look for ways to protect them. The industry-leading coverage of American Home Shield® offers important budget protection to buyers and sellers alike with the real estate edition products and pricing. Contact your local AHS® Account Executive to find out more about how you can leverage home warranties to help your clients as well as to help you increase sales.

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