Small Kitchen Solutions that Make a Big Difference

Discover small kitchen solutions and organization tips from our Home Matters home solutions experts and learn to double the space of your kitchen.

The kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home. But when storage space is limited, it can be a source of stress and frustration However, It doesn’t have to be that way. Below you’ll find some creative small kitchen storage ideas that will help you maximize every inch of available space. So you’ll be able to do so much more in your kitchen — and make it your happy place.

Capitalize On Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets are good for more than just their shelves. On the insides of the doors you can mount a cork-board or install hooks to hang measuring cups, potholders, paper towels and more. The sides of your kitchen cabinets also offer valuable space to hang things like a mail organizer, spice rack or other items. If you have cabinets on either side of your sink, you can put small shelves on the sides of them or hooks to hang cutting boards.

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Work the Walls

"Don’t let your walls go to waste," is a great motto for your kitchen solutions. If you’re short on cabinets but have an empty wall or two, hang a couple rows of shelves there for open storage of dishware, glasses and the like. Or, put up a pegboard to hang cooking utensils, pots and pans and other essentials.

Be “Shelvish”

Get the most out of the kitchen cabinets you do have by putting stackable shelves inside them. It’s like multiplying your shelf space! Or you can install under-shelf baskets to add more storage.

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Cut it Out

That big old knife block can take up quite a bit of counter space. Here’s a clever solution: replace the block with a magnetic knife strip and hang your knives on a wall, backsplash or side of a cabinet where they are within reach. The advantages of this knife strip help improve practicality, cleanliness and more in your kitchen knife usage.

Go to New Heights

A lot of people don’t think to use the space above their cabinets for storage, but it’s a perfect spot to stash extra things in attractive baskets or containers that add to the decor. If you have enough space, you could even mount an additional shelf up there.

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Spice It Up With Magnetic Containers on Your Refrigerator

Another underutilized area for storage is your refrigerator. You can easily apply magnets to the back of baskets or racks and use them to hold smaller items on the doors or sides of your fridge. Another fun and creative idea is to make your own magnetic spice jars and use your fridge as a spice rack.

Use a Cart Island and Roll Your Way To Storage Paradise

A rolling kitchen cart is a great tool for small kitchens and takes the place of an Island Table. Use it as an extra counter, another storage area or for entertaining. Just wheel it out when you need it and roll it to the side when you don’t. Also, inside your cabinets you can trade out your fixed shelves for rollout shelving units to make the most of your space.

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Hang a Pot Rack For Extra Kitchen Cabinet and Pantry Storage

Pots and pans are always tricky to organize and can take up a ton of cabinet space. A good solution for this is to hang a pot rack on the wall or from the ceiling, or you can add a pot rail under your cabinets. You can even hang baskets on the pot rail for bonus storage.

Organize Products Beneath The Sink to Save Kitchen Space

There are lots of things you can do under the sink to maximize the space. You can hang little baskets on the insides of the doors to hold sponges and smaller items. You can use the inside of the door to mount a paper towel holder or a file holder to stash plastic wrap, baggies and the like. You can add dividers to store your narrow kitchen items like baking sheets and cutting boards. If you keep cleaning supplies under the sink, you can use a tension rod to hang spray bottles.

Conquer Corners

Let’s face it, corner cabinets are awkward but it’s still usable space. One obvious solution is to install Lazy Susans that let you get to everything in your cabinet with a quick spin. Another great idea is to create a pot rack inside the cabinet by installing hooks to hang your pots and pans and storing your lids at the bottom of the cabinet.

Fake It Til' You Make It

You know those fake drawer fronts under your sink? It’ll take a little DIY work, but you can actually open them up and use that space to install clever hardware to hold sponges and other small items. Kits are available through cabinet stores to create this added space.

These small kitchen storage ideas can make a big difference in how you use your space. So don’t let a small kitchen hold you back. Start maximizing your space and embracing your small kitchen.

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