Missed A Spot! Places in Your Home That You Probably Forgot to Clean

No matter how much you dust, scrub, and polish, there are a few places around the house that always seem to be overlooked. Read on to discover the surfaces you probably haven’t cleaned in a while. They could be the germiest places in your home.
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Colorful Ceiling Fan

1. Ceiling fan

Imagine a winter snow flurry inside your living room—except instead of snow, there’s dust. That’s what happens when you turn on a dirty ceiling fan. Dust your fan blades weekly and wipe them down periodically too. Don’t forget to check for cobwebs in the corners! If you have high ceilings, invest in a ceiling fan duster with an extension rod.


Toilet Handle

2. Toilet handle

You probably clean your toilet bowl and seat regularly. But did you remember the handle? Remember, most people flush the toilet before they wash their hands.




3. Houseplants

Believe it or not, a layer of dust on your houseplants will hinder their ability to photosynthesize. How to help? Take plants to the sink and hose them off. Make sure the water is lukewarm—both cold water and hot water can blemish the leaves. If your plants are too big to move, wipe off leaves with a damp cloth.


Someone Cleans Inside Microwave

4. Inside the microwave

Each time you use your microwave, grease collects on its walls and ceiling. To loosen it up, fill a microwave-safe bowl with water, then add a tablespoon of white vinegar. Microwave for five minutes, watch your microwave steam up, and you’ll be able to wipe away caked-on residue with ease.


Opened Brown Front Door with Gold Hardware

5. Front door

You might forget about your exterior doors, but they’re your first impression to visitors! To spruce up the entryway, spray an all-purpose cleaner on the door and wipe it away with a cloth. For a natural cleaner, try mixing water and vinegar.


Woman Vacuums Couch Cushions

6. Couch cushions

Couch cushions take a lot of daily abuse, so it’s important to give them a little extra care. Fabric cushions should be vacuumed regularly to remove excess dust and crumbs. For smaller stains, spot clean with a rag and upholstery cleaner. For big stains or nonremovable couch cushions, try renting a steam cleaner.


Someone Using Their Cell Phone

7. Your phone

You’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: your smartphone is one of the dirtiest things you touch. On each square inch of its surface, there are up to 25,000 germs. That’s more than your toilet seat!

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