5 Smart Tips for Getting Rid of Old Appliances

What do you do with your old or broken appliances? We can help you figure out the best means of disposal for your old appliances.

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They serve us well for countless years, but eventually, our appliances break down. And when repairs fail, it’s time to throw in the towel and buy something new. But before you can weigh the differences between that all-out upgrade and something a bit more budget-friendly, you need to haul out that old appliance. Let’s take a look at the various options for getting rid of your old appliances if you don't have American Home Shield, where removal or dismantling services are covered

Pay Off

So you bought something new and the delivery team is there to install? Most companies will offer to haul your old appliance away for a nominal fee. Sure, it will cost you anywhere from $15 to $20, but peace of mind has a price tag.


You might be able to recycle your old appliance. Some cities and towns offer programs to help clean up waste from sizable appliances. You’re going to want to check your zip code here before you haul that dishwasher out to the curb.

Give Away

Check with your local non-profits to see what their policies are regarding used appliances. You might get lucky with a curbside pick-up service. Even better, you might be able to write your donation off on your taxes. If charity isn’t an option, you can typically find someone willing to take the item off your hands on websites such as The Freecycle Network.

Sell It

Is your appliance still running? Head over to Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to sell it. There is a growing market for frugal shoppers, where you can acquire broken items below cost and repair them for sale. These super-savvy customers might also want to strip your appliances for parts to re-sale. If so, they'll want to know specific information regarding the make and model, even the manufacturing year. This will help potential buyers know if your appliance is what they're looking for and help streamline the process. Note: fielding offers from bargain-hungry shoppers can make this a more time-consuming option, but with a little effort, you could put a little cold, hard cash back in your pocket.

Have It Hauled

Eventually, you reach a point where you just want the appliance out of your home. When that happens, you can call services for responsible appliance removal. Yes, it’ll cost you, but you won’t have to throw your back out trying to get that old refrigerator out the door. Also, you might want to go through your house and find any additional items in need of being hauled away to make the call worth truly worth the time and money. 

Going Forward

If you’re in the midst of selecting new appliances, take advantage of the clean start with a home warranty plan from American Home Shield®. As an AHS customer you're free to enjoy exclusive discounts on many of the industry's best brand name appliances through the Appliance Discount Program. With a variety of plans priced to fit your budget, you can also make sure your new appliances are covered, while also protecting your budget. 

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