AHS Supports One World: Together at Home – Home Projects to Tackle While You’re #TogetherAtHome

While you’re #TogetherAtHome, why not tackle a home project? Spring cleaning, organizing your storage space, gardening or just disinfecting your home’s frequently touched surfaces — the time is right.

Cleaning floor

One World: Together at Home was a historic broadcast and streamed music event intended to support frontline workers, including health care workers and the World Health Organization (WHO), as they work to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Artists like Lady Gaga, John Legend, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Lizzo, Julianne Hough, Shawn Mendes, Chris Martin and more came together last weekend to perform from their homes for audiences around the world in an effort to foster connection in a time when many people are feeling more isolated than ever before.

Here at American Home Shield®, we want to support our members in staying home to stay safe and protect our health care workers and others on the front lines trying to curb COVID-19. While you’re self-isolating, you’re probably looking for ways to fill the time and stay busy. These home projects will give you something to do while you’re #TogetherAtHome — and you won’t even need to go out for supplies. So put on the Spotify playlist of featured artists, roll up your sleeves and tackle some of these home projects to pass the time.

Sanitize Frequently Touched Areas

Everyone’s more conscious about hygiene these days. Along with washing your hands frequently, you also need to regularly sanitize frequently touched areas in your home. The EPA recently released a list of the best products to kill COVID-19

If you’re running low on disinfecting wipes, you can make your own cleaning wipes or spray by 

mixing two teaspoons of regular household bleach with two cups of water. If you want to make DIY disinfecting wipes, you can pour this mix into an old plastic coffee container and add a roll of paper towels, cut to fit. You could also recycle an old wipes container, but make sure to rinse it out first — you don’t want to run the risk of mixing bleach with other chemicals, which could result in toxic fumes. 

Use your DIY disinfecting wipes to clean frequently touched areas in your home, including:

  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Dining and end tables
  • Dining chairs
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Sinks and faucets
  • Remote controls
  • Drawer pulls, cabinet handles, and other handles and knobs throughout the house

Clean these frequently touched surfaces every day, especially if someone in your household is still going out to work. 

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Now that you have some time at home, you can tackle your spring cleaning. Deep clean your home room by room. Empty your kitchen cupboards and wipe them down inside and out. Clean out your refrigerator and oven. Wash your walls. Dust everything from the ceiling to the floor, including ceiling fan blades, window and door frames, and blinds. Scrub your bathroom top to bottom, and wash out your medicine cabinet, vanity, and linen cupboard. Move all your furniture and vacuum under and behind it. Wash your windows inside and out, and check your weatherstripping for signs of wear. If you need to replace any of it, you can order more online! 

Spruce Up Your Gutters 

You should be cleaning your gutters at least once a year, even when there isn’t a pandemic. Now, cleaning your gutters will give you the perfect excuse to get outside in the fresh air. All you need is a ladder, a pair of gloves and a tarp to catch the debris as you throw it to the ground. While you’re up there, you can check your roof shingles for signs of wear. Just make sure you have someone with you while you’re on the ladder to keep it steady so you don’t fall.

Organize Your Storage

Throw on your #TogetherAtHome playlist and take control of that closet, attic, basement and garage storage space that’s been slowly getting out of control over the past who-knows-how-many years. Now is the perfect time to clean out, arrange and organize your home’s storage areas. While you’re in there, you might find some knick knacks or other items to freshen up your decor. 

Rearrange the Living Room

Because you’re spending so much time in your living room right now, why not rejuvenate the space? Position the couch and chairs for optimal Netflix viewing, or if you’re trying to minimize screen time, arrange them around the coffee table to create the perfect spot for playing board games or doing puzzles. Bring in some more side chairs for family togetherness, and move furniture away from the windows to let in more light. Maybe bring in that bistro set from the patio and set up a gaming nook in one corner of the room. Soften the place up with extra blankets and throw pillows. You could even rearrange your lamps or set up some candles for soft mood lighting.

Switch Up Your Decor

Now might be the perfect time to rearrange your home decor. Drag some old paintings, decorative objects or furniture pieces out of your attic or garage, or swap decorative items from one room to the next. That pair of candlesticks you normally keep on the dining room table could add some class to the TV stand or coffee table. Dust your shelves and place your tchotchkes in a new arrangement. Swap out your throw pillow covers and blankets for new ones.

Work on Your Garden

There’s never been a better time to get into gardening. It’s planting time in much of the country, and you can order seeds and plants to start a vegetable garden or add color and texture to your flower beds. Grow in containers on your porch, patio or balcony if you don’t have a backyard. Gardening will get you outside in the fresh air, and it’s good for you. It’s a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, get physical exercise and to feel more connected to the world — and who couldn’t use more of that right now?

While you’re #TogetherAtHome, why not tackle a home project? Spring cleaning, organizing your storage space, gardening or just disinfecting your home’s frequently touched surfaces — the time is right.

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