When Is the Best Time to Buy Appliances??

Buying new appliances can be a long process. You want to get the best deal on the best systems & appliances. Learn when the best times to find the best prices.

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New appliances sure aren’t cheap. Replacing your refrigerator, range, built-in microwave, dishwasher, washer and dryer or other appliance can cost thousands, even for a mid-range model. If you can help it, you definitely don’t want to wait until your appliance breaks down to replace it. Instead, leave yourself plenty of time to shop for the best price on the best system or appliance for you.

Appliance manufacturers usually give their products a lifespan so consumers have some idea of when to expect to replace a big-ticket item. Planning ahead can help you get the best deal on your new appliances, and in order to do that, you need to know what times of year are the best for appliance shopping.

When to Buy New Appliances

For most large appliances, September and October are the best months to buy. That’s when manufacturers of ranges, ovens, built-in microwaves, dishwashers, and washers and dryers roll out their newest models, so you can pick up the previous year’s models at a discount. The exception to this rule is refrigerators – most manufacturers roll out their brand new refrigerator models over the summer, so the best month to get a good deal on a new refrigerator is May.

If you need a few extra months to budget for your new appliance purchase, you can check stores in January, and you may be able to get the previous year’s model at a discount. If stores do have the previous year’s models in January, they must drop prices even further in order to get rid of them and make room for the current year’s stock.

Holiday weekends can also bring good deals on new appliances. Most retailers offer deals on new appliances in celebration of pretty much any holiday, from President’s Day to the Fourth of July. Columbus Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Black Friday, Memorial Day and Labor Day are some other holidays that usually bring low prices on new appliances. Just shop around a little to make sure you’re actually getting the best price.

If you need a new appliance sooner rather than later, you don’t have to wait for a specific month or holiday in order to get a good price. Most retailers offer their sales staff commissions on new appliance sales, and some also impose sales targets that staff members have to hit each month. Armed with this knowledge, you can wait until close to the end of any month and try to negotiate a better price on the appliance of your choice. Of course, negotiating is also a good idea throughout the rest of the month; the worst they can do is say no. You’ll probably have more success negotiating if you go on a weekday, when stores are less crowded.

If you need a new appliance but don’t have time to shop around in person, don’t be afraid to browse the web – you can often find great deals on new appliances online all year round. Some retailers will even offer free shipping for appliances purchased online.

Protect Your New Appliances

Once you’ve purchased a new appliance, you’ll want to protect it with a home warranty. What does a home warranty cover? American Home Shield® provides coverage for components of up to 21 home systems and appliances, including new and used large appliances. You can get coverage for duplicate appliances, such as your second refrigerator in the garage. And there’s no need to keep detailed maintenance records on an appliance in order to get coverage, just another way that American Home Shield makes it easier for you. Breakdowns due to normal wear and tear are covered.

And you can get coverage that could help defray the expensive cost of replacing your new appliance, or some of your other appliances that will breakdown. AHS helps cover the cost to repair or replace your covered items, no matter their age, make, or model.

To get the best deal on new appliances, you have to shop carefully and plan ahead. Protect your new purchase with an appliance warranty from American Home Shield. Call now to learn more about our home warranty plans, including the Combo Plan, which provides comprehensive coverage for your home’s systems and appliances.

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