5 Summer Safety Tips for Furry Family Members

They’re not called the dog days of summer for nothing! As the mercury rises, it’s important to remember that heat affects your furry family members too. A few simple precautions can ensure that summer is also enjoyable for your four-legged friends.
Golden Retriever Drinking Water


Dogs, cats and other family pets can’t tell you when they’re in distress, so you need to watch carefully for any signs of danger. Keeping a close eye on pets during the hottest days of the summer can ensure that they are safe and happy on even the steamiest days.

1. A Parked Car is No Place For Pets
What may feel like a quick errand to you can be long enough to send temperatures in your car soaring. When the outside temperature is 85 degrees, a parked car can reach 102 degrees in ten minutes. Within 30 minutes, temperatures can pass 120 degrees, which can cause internal damage or even be deadly for pets.

2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.
Pets can’t reach up and turn on the faucet for a drink, yet they need water just as much as the rest of the family. Make sure that water bowls are always filled with cool water and easily accessible, inside and out.

3. Skip the Long Walk
Exercise is important for your pet’s health, but keeping them out in the heat too long can be dangerous. Dogs don’t sweat the way humans do and regulating their temperature is much more difficult. Keep walks short and always watch for signs of distress.

4. Visit the Vet
If you’re ever in doubt that your pet might be suffering from heat stroke, take it directly to the veterinarian. Make a quick phone call to let them know you’re on your way. The vet can most likely give you tips to keep your pet comfortable on the trip and help reduce its temperature as well.

5. Food Safe for Fido
It may be tempting to share “people treats” with your pet, but the safest thing to feed your dog or cat is always pet food. People food like grapes and chocolate are dangerous for dogs, and beverages like soda, and especially any alcohol, should never be accessible for pets to get into.

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