7 Post-Holiday Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Changing up your home decor to reflect the changing seasons is easy with these seven tips. Moving mirrors or changing lampshades can have a huge impact on style.

Decoration ideas for home

The tinsel is tucked away, the lights are unlit and all the holiday decorations are packed up. It might suddenly feel like you’ve got your house back. Or maybe it feels a little blah. Either way, it’s a good opportunity to add some simple decorating pick-me-ups to help transition from festive frills to winter coziness. It can be simple and affordable. The following easy home decor ideas are sure to help add some post-holiday pizzazz.

Throw pillows decor

1. Throw in some throw pillows 

Think of it like accessorizing an outfit. You might throw on a scarf to refresh an outfit. The same goes for throw pillows on a couch or chair. Tired of holiday colors? Choose a color that pops and makes you happy … bring on the purple, orange or teal. Add coordinating candles or vases in the same color and you have “thrown together” a whole new look.

2. Rotate artwork, mirrors and lamps

We tend to take our artwork as set in stone because we are so used to seeing things as they are. Pretend you are shopping in your own house. Swap that colorful painting above the fireplace with the mirror in the other room. Do the same with the lamps. It can really make a big difference. Some people even scale back … and categorize artwork by season. You might consider using the dark rich colors in winter and come spring, swap the artwork out with lighter, brighter colors. Store the off-season artwork in a closet or basement until it’s time to rotate.

Painting accent walls decor

3. Paint an accent wall

 Choose a wall and paint it a bold, new color. Let the color make a statement and don’t worry about it matching anything. Minimize what you put on the accent wall to give the eye a place to rest when you look around the room.  An accent wall can totally transform a space. 

Bathroom updates decor

4. Don’t forget the bath

You don’t have to spend a lot to refresh a bathroom with new hand towels and throw rugs. Toss in a few accessories like a vase of flowers and voila! It will feel refreshed. 

Table covers decor

5. Table covers 

Find some fabric with a pattern or design that speaks to you. Maybe a vibrant pattern or tone-on-tone textures. Use it to cover an end table or kitchen table to lend a whole new look. Shopping for fabrics can be really fun. Don’t pass the sale bin by. – You can get a great deal, since you probably only need a few yards for an end table.

Lamp shades decor

6. Lamp shades

Changing out the lampshades in a room can really add visual interest and create a whole new look. This can be relatively inexpensive, too, with a basic lamp. Plus, over time, lampshades gather dust, which is hard to get out of certain materials.

Tray decor

7. Tray chic

You can find unique and interesting trays at a home goods store or antique store. Use them on top of a stool or ottoman to create an end table in the family room or a bedroom. Or use a tray to give a coffee table a new look. Trays are also as practical as they are decorative.

Keep the home spaces that you spend the most time in fresh and appealing to enhance your indoor experience this winter. It doesn’t take much to spruce things up. 




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