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Give your clients more with an American Home Shield® home warranty.

American Home Shield is America’s most preferred home warranty with more than 1.8 million members— and it’s easy to see why. Home buyers don’t have to experience a breakdown to take advantage of their warranty benefits. They can start using their plans immediately with new add-ons and offers that make home ownership easier. Take a look at some of the things American Home Shield offers to make sure our members are getting maximum value out of their home warranty.  

Add-on Coverage and Special Member Offers

  • Electronics Coverage
    Adding the Electronics Protection Plan to an American Home Shield® home warranty offers buyers protection for eligible new and existing products that include:
    • Smart Home Products
    • TVs
    • Home Theater Systems 
    • Laptops/Desktops 
    • Tablets 
    • Gaming Systems
    • And More
      The plan covers defects in materials and/ or workmanship, power surges, and product breakdowns due to normal use for an unlimited number of eligible electronics — no receipts required.

      How it works:

      1. To make a claim, clients can call Allstate Protection Plans at 877.320.1494 or visit
      2. The client pays a $75 service fee to Allstate Protection Plans. 
      3. If Allstate Protection Plans determines the covered item can be repaired, they’ll schedule service for it or provide prepaid shipping and instructions on where to send it for service.
      4. If Allstate Protection Plans is unable to repair the item, they’ll replace it or reimburse the cost of a replacement, capped at the $2,000 per claim limit.

      Even if the Electronics Protection Plan is not included in the initial purchase, it can still be added up to 60 days after the effective date of the home warranty.

      Limitations and exclusions apply. Please see the terms and conditions of the Electronics Protection Plan at

      The Electronics Protection Plan is provided by Allstate Protection Plans and can only be purchased in conjunction with an American Home Shield Home Service Plan. Plan is subject to a $2,000 per claim limit and a $5,000 aggregate claim limit.

    • Smart Home Tech Installation and Setup Services

      Special $99 offer plus new savings on home tech installation and setup

      American Home Shield now offers members exclusive discounts on tech installation and setup services. This offer includes several services at a special, discounted rate, including:

      • TV wall mount installation (over 60 inches)
      • WIFI and network connectivity support
      • Streaming video device setup & support
      • Smart video doorbell installation
      • Smart security cam installation
      • Smart door lock installation
      • Smart hub or speaker setup
      • Smart thermostat installation
      • Virus removal & cleanup

      Customers can also get their TV professionally mounted for just $99* with this special offer ($139 value), exclusively for American Home Shield members.

        Visit or call 805.883.6247 for more information or to schedule a service today.

        Limitations and exclusions apply. See agreement for details.

        Tech installation and setup services are provided by a third party. Offer not included in the Seller Coverage Option. For buyer use only. Not available in all areas.

        *Special pricing for TVs 60 inches or smaller only. For the special $99 rate, the TV must be mounted onto drywall backed by wooden studs. Mounting brackets not included. Additional charges for different surfaces, metal studs, and TVs larger than 60 inches.

      • Pre-season A/C Tune-up
        Pre-season A/C Tune-up

        When warmer weather is just around the corner, it's a great time to ensure A/C systems are functioning properly. To help, this year we're partnering with American Home Shield ProConnect™ to perform pre-season A/C tune-ups. For a limited time, ProConnect is offering A/C tune-ups for $75 per unit* (plus any applicable sales tax) for American Home Shield members.

        If the Pro finds a problem that is covered by the American Home Shield home warranty agreement, a Trade Service Call Fee will be due at the time of the service request. The warranty holder is responsible for any cost associated with any problems not subject to coverage under the American Home Shield warranty agreement. 

        What the Pro will do as part of the tune-up:

        • Check thermostat
        • Check filters (Pro will replace filters with new owner-supplied supplied filters with owner’s permission)
        • Test temperature split
        • Check refrigerant levels and system pressures
        • Perform amp draw on condenser/evaporator motor and compressor
        • Rinse condensate coils with water
        • Check evaporator coil
        • Check contactor and condensate lines
        • Test capacitors and operations
        • Clean electrical connections
        • Test safety and limit switches

        What's not part of the tune-up:

        • Free filters
        • Clearing of condensate line stoppages (requires new service request)
        • Recharging of refrigerant (requires new service request)
        • Evaporator/indoor coil cleaning
        • Outdoor condenser coil cleaning beyond hosing with water
        • Cleaning or unclogging required to correct problems from lack of manufacturer-recommended maintenance (i.e. filters must be replaced monthly)

        System exclusions:

        • Water-sourced geothermal systems
        • Mini-split systems
        • Window and wall units
        • Boilers
        • Oil furnaces
        • Heating systems
        • Swamp coolers
        • Units not safely accessible (to be determined by Pro)

        Buyers can schedule their tune-up when available by logging in to their MyAccount at or by calling 833.649.4659.

        *Limitations and exclusions apply.

        For a limited time, a ProConnect Home Solutions, Inc. independent service contractor (“Pro”) will perform a pre-season A/C system tune-up on one unit for $75 per unit (plus any applicable sales tax). An additional $75 fee (plus any applicable sales tax) applies for each additional unit serviced. The fee for tune-ups must be paid at the time of the service request. For eligible customers, the $75 fee may be waived on the first unit. Service dates are limited and may vary based upon location, Pro availability, and weather. Daytime outside air temperature must be 65 degrees Fahrenheit or above to perform an A/C tune-up. A/C tune-up services are not available in all locations. If the Pro finds a problem that is covered by your American Home Shield warranty agreement, a Trade Service Call Fee will be due at the time of the service request. The warranty holder is responsible for any cost associated with any problems not subject to coverage under the American Home Shield warranty agreement. Tune-up is a maintenance service and provides no guarantee against system breakdowns or failures. Heating systems are not eligible for the tune-up during the spring A/C tune-up season. A/C units must be safely accessible to the Pro. The pre-season A/C tune-up is not included in the Seller Coverage Option and is for buyer use only.

      • Pest Control
        Exclusive Discount: Pest Control by Terminix
        For a special one-time rate of $75*, a Terminix technician will inspect and treat the full exterior of the buyers home and any accessible areas of the interior of the home as deemed necessary, in accordance with applicable pest control laws and regulations.
        Covered Pests Include:
        • Cockroaches
        • Silverfish
        • Clothes moths
        • Non-venomous spiders
        • Scorpions
        • Centipedes
        • Millipedes
        • Earwigs
        • House crickets
        • Paper wasps
        • "House" ants

        Non-covered Pests
        Any pests not specifically listed as a covered pest above, including but not limited to:
        • German cockroaches
        • Mice and rats
        • Ticks, fleas, and bed bugs
        • Termites and any other wood destroying organisms
        • Fire ants, pharaoh ants, carpemter ants, and tawny crazy ants
        • Black widow spiders, brown widow spiders, and brown recluse spiders


        As of today, this offer is available in select markets in Florida.

        Members can schedule their Pest Control Service or learn more by visiting our Pest Control page.

        Limitations and exclusions apply. Not included in the Seller Coverage Option. For buyer use only.

        *Pest control coverage is provided by participating licensed structural pest control companies. Upon the request, a licensed pest control company selected by AHS® will (1) inspect, and (2) treat the full exterior of the home and any accessible areas of the interior of the home as the pest control company determines necessary, in accordance with applicable pest control laws and regulations, at a cost to the customer of $75 (the "Pest Control Fee"), due before inspection.
        The customer may receive additional necessary treatments for Covered Pest(s) at no extra charge for thirty (30) days after the initial treatment (each a "Retreatment"). If the customer makes a Retreatment request and the pest control company determines upon arrival that no Retreatment is necessary or that the customer has called about non-Covered Pests, the customer will owe another Pest Control Fee. At the customer's request, the licensed pest control company will prepare an estimate for the treatment of non-Covered Pests at an additional charge. After such thirty (30) day period following the initial treatment, additional inspections and treatments requested will require payment of another Pest Control Fee.
      • Rekey Service
        What’s the Rekey service request process? Easy. It's just like requesting any other service.
        1. Homeowners close on their new home and call American Home Shield or visit MyAccount to schedule their Rekey service.
        2. We send a contractor out to rekey up to 6 keyholes with 4 identical keys.
        3. Clients pay the Trade Service Call Fee associated with the home warranty.

        It's that simple. Extra coverage. No extra cost.

        Clients can schedule their Rekey service by calling 800.776.4663 or logging in to MyAccount.

        Rekey covers up to 6 keyholes, including delivery of a total of 4 identical keys, on previously installed and properly functioning non-electronic door knobs and/or deadbolts for the hinged doors accessing the structural walls of your client’s covered residential property. Your client is responsible for payment of their Trade Service Call Fee and the cost of any additional services provided. A separate Trade Service Call Fee applies for each unit of any covered multi-unit property. Limitations and exclusions apply. See agreement for details. Rekey is not included in the Seller Coverage Option. For buyer use only.

      • Roof Leak Repair Coverage
        Our roof leak repair coverage option is $100 and includes coverage for up to $1,500 in roof leak repair claims. It covers normal wear and tear, lack of maintenance, and improper installation – things not typically covered by homeowners insurance. For example, if a home buyer experiences a roof leak caused by a failed shingle (or section of shingles) as a result of normal exposure to the elements, we would cover it. However, acts of God such as hail and windstorm damage are not covered under the roof leak repair option but are typically covered by homeowners insurance.

        For only $100, agents can add Roof Leak Repair Coverage for a home buyer by visiting

        Limitations and exlcusions apply. See agreement for details. 

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