Should I Renew My Home Warranty?

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You’ve been settled into your new home for months now, and everything has been running properly so far. All of your appliances seem to be in perfect working order. So, is it worth it to renew the home warranty? Let’s go over the hows and whys and the pros and cons of renewing your home warranty.

How Long Does a Home Warranty Last?

Let’s start with the basics. A standard contract is a one-year home warranty. It typically starts either when you close on your house or, if you already live in your home, when you purchase a plan. 

Each American Home Shield home warranty contract offers one-year coverage on up to 23 essential home systems and household appliances, giving you the freedom to pick your level of coverage. When your service plan begins, you’ll have up to 60 days to change it—because we prioritize flexibility. 

What Should I Consider When Deciding To Renew My Warranty?

A good first step when deciding whether to renew your warranty is to consider the age of the house. If your house is older, the appliances and systems are more likely to kick the bucket in the near future, no matter how well they were maintained.

Here are some more items to check when deciding if you should renew a warranty:

  • Household appliances. Take a look at those appliances that seem to be running smoothly. If the previous owner gave you any paperwork on the appliances, check the dates and see just how old they are. Then, go through the house and scope out the big-ticket items that could cost a pretty penny if they need to be replaced.
  • HVAC. Is your HVAC making any weird sounds, leaking, or emitting strange smells? Is your thermostat consistent? Is it still doing a good job regulating the humidity? If it seems to be acting up, renewing your home warranty is probably a good idea.
  • Water heater. If you’ve noticed water pressure issues, leaking, or faulty temperatures, it could be your water heater signaling for help. If you’re a handy DIYer, it might be a good idea to drain the tank and clean it of sediment. If there’s a lot of buildup, and there are parts that are corroded, this could be a sign that you need a home warranty coverage
  • Electrical wiring. Telltale signs of bad wiring are overly warm outlets, fuses blowing frequently, and frays or damage to any of the wiring. 

Then, sit down and tally estimated totals of how much it would cost to replace these and any other items in your home. It may also be helpful to research what local repair shops charge to repair or replace these appliances (hint: it can really add up). Compare those totals to your home warranty cost per year. Don’t forget to consider any service fees or dollar amount caps. 

Weigh the pros and cons of adding a little more to your monthly budget. If something were to break down, you can save a lot with a home warranty. 

Can I Renew a Home Warranty?

With American Home Shield, you can absolutely renew when your coverage contract expires. If you have automatic payments set up, we’ll send the next year’s agreement before your current contract is up to avoid any lapse in coverage. 

Renew your warranty to protect your budget and give you peace of mind. If your appliances or systems wear out, American Home Shield helps to ensure your household continues to run smoothly.

How Much is a Home Warranty Per Year?

The needs of your house fluctuate, so your home warranty should too. Our home service plans offer varying coverage and all at different price points to fit your budget. Shop plans to choose the best home warranty coverage for your home.

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