5 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

You put so much time and effort into maintaining your home’s appearance. Well, shouldn’t it smell just as good as it looks? Here are some helpful ways to give your home’s scent a spice of life.

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Diffuse Your Aroma

If you want to scent your home without the use of water or heat, then a Nebulizing aroma diffuser is just what you need. This easy-to-use device sprays essential oil into the air with only a flip of a switch, and get this—you can even set the run and rest times that you desire.

So, this gives you control of exactly how long you’d like the oil to blow, whether it’s for a few hours or overnight. If you happen to prefer nighttime, you won’t have to worry about a distracting light shining through the darkness because the diffuser doesn’t come with one. Its powerful, smell-good aroma will add enough brightness to your home, all by itself.

Let It Burn

In the mood for a little relaxation? Well, kick off your shoes, pour a glass of wine and let your oil burn. The oil burner method has been around for ages, but the fabulous aroma that comes from it could never get too old. To get started, simply, choose your favorite oil scent and mix 3-5 drops with water into the top of the burner until it’s ½ to ¾ drops full.

Make sure you don’t overdue the amount of oil that you pour because this can cause irritation to the throat and sinus. Remember, you’re using the burner to help decrease your stress levels, not raise them. Now, once you’ve found a safe place to set it (out of the kids’ or pets’ reach), light your tea candle up and sit back as your oil/water blends and evaporates. Finally, all that’s left to do is enjoy that warm, relaxing home fragrance!

Just a Spray Can Make All the Difference

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Don’t take room fresheners for granted. Sometimes a simple spray is all it takes to add life into what was once dead air. And guess what, you’re not limited to using your freshener in just rooms. Oh no, there’s other things that could use a whiff of goodness. Consider putting your spray to use on the following items which, often times, go unnoticed in the home:

  •          Pillows                                             
  •          Vacuum filter
  •          Curtains
  •          Trash can
  •          Dresser drawers 
  •          Closet
  •          Towels
  •          Suitcase
  •          Laundry basket
  •          Carpets    

Bars of Heaven

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Ever thought about enjoying an amazing home smell from a scentsy bar? These are used with paraffin wax, made of high quality and longevity. Once you have your warmer and eight-piece bar…the magic can begin. All you do is place one or two cubes on the plate warmer which works to melt the bar of formulated wax, without any flame or smoke. Then, breathe in as your synthetic and naturally-derived home smell is released.

Once you’re finished using the scent bar and warmer, clean it by pouring the melted wax out and wiping the plate clean with a paper towel. Make sure that you keep your bars stored out of direct sunlight reach and hot or wet areas. This prevents heat from extracting top fragrances notes (scents that are smelled immediately after the aroma is released) and allows you to continue enjoying more of your bar scents.  


Shake It and Place It

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If you’re one that lives a busy life, you may not have time to deal with candles, lighters or aroma set-ups. Well, thanks to scent sachets, you don’t have to. Just shake it and place it; pretty easy, right? And you can stick these packets anywhere whether it’s in your car, office, shelf, laundry or bathroom. I purchase mine from Kirkland's and love to stick them in my vehicle ...talk about car heaven! They're only $1.99 in-store and $4.99 for a 3-pack online.

Scent sachets are made up of potpourri, herbs or aromatic materials which work to release a heavenly home fragrance into the atmosphere. Who knew that this much greatness could come from such a small package?

It’s the little things that stand out. And home scents will make all the difference in setting the tone for your home. How will yours speak to you and your guests?

Remember, you can't have a fresh smelling home without it actually being clean. So make sure that yours is with one of our Merry Maids professionals. 

Clivona Burse
American Home Shield Intern – Memphis, TN

Clivona BurseClivona E. Burse uses each day as an opportunity to advance and learn in the city she calls home-- Memphis. She is a recent Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Memphis where she majored in journalism with a concentration in public relations. Clivona now looks forward to pursuing her MBA degree in Marketing. When she's free from her busy school and work life, she enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with loved ones.



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